ZOOM Companies, Inc. is a publicly traded Holding Company on the OTCBB Market (OTCBB Symbol: “ZMMM”)   with a successful and highly diverse portfolio of companies within the entertainment industry that ranges from the thrill of Pro Arena Rugby, to the excitement of ballroom dance fitness.

With a continued focus on additional acquisitions, ZMMM is carefully developing multiple revenue streams that will contribute to the overall growth and diversity of it’s portfolio of companies. Such recent acquisitions include the Plaza Ballroom Event Center which proudly boasts the largest dance floor in Southern Florida and is capable of hosting uniquely intimate musical events.

Through the guidance and vision of it’s experienced management team, ZMMM is poised to forge ahead with it’s growth and diversification as one of the fastest growing Holding Companies in the entertainment industry.

The Company is now being structured as a full spectrum entertainment company encompassing global musical artists, live entertainment productions, in house development of a Broadway style show, sports entertainment, and worldwide product distribution. The Company, ZMMM  has  recently changed it’s name to “ZOOM Companies Inc.”  to reflect the diverse areas of entertainment that company has to offer. The Company’s entry into the Sports Industry was initiated with the formation of Pro Arena Rugby, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zoom Companies Inc.



The company’s entry into the Sports Industry was initiated with the formation of a Pro Arena Rugby (PAR) League., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zoom Companies Inc. The company recently executed an asset purchase agreement pertaining to the acquisition of all assets associated with the production of indoor rugby events of Pro Arena Rugby Inc.

The Company has formed a wholly owned subsidiary which shall own and operate Pro Arena Rugby, Inc. (PAR). The Company concept is introducing Rugby 7s in the arena format. Following the nationwide success of Arena Football, PAR is developing a professional Rugby league, looking to launch its exhibition season in second quarter 2016. Initially, the Company looks to start the league with eight professional teams, expanding to sixteen by 2018. The Company will actively seek new team city owners on both the east and west coast. Through broadcasting and merchandise licensing, we look to capture significant market share in this fast growing niche sport.

Pro Arena Rugby Presentation


The company has created a Fitness DVD’s series that promotes “Fun Exercise” to Ballroom Dance and fitness enthusiasts. See current products at www.BDFDVD.com The Ballroom Dance Fitness Inc. DVD’s are designed for individuals that want to lose weight and also learn Ballroom Dance steps. The DVD series will be marketed via Direct Response Marketing, internet marketing, and wholesale distribution to the retail marketplace.

The Company’s fitness business is to create (DVDs) that promote “Fun Exercise” to Ballroom Dance and fitness enthusiasts. The production, marketing and selling DVD’s will feature six different ballroom dances: the Cha-Cha, Swing, Salsa, Meringue, Rumba and Waltz. The program is to promote “Fun Exercise” to Ballroom Dance and fitness enthusiasts. The DVDs are designed for individuals that want to lose weight and also learn Ballroom Dance steps. The DVDs will focus on beginner Ballroom dance steps, building the lower body, strengthening heart endurance, plus show how the use of hand free weights will develop and tone the upper body.



The company entered the musical industry with an asset purchase of “The Great American DIVAS.” Zoom is a majority owner at 70%. The company is developing a Broadway style musical show & journey into 1970’s era (Studio 54,) highlighting female musical giants via four DIVAS and featuring a talented 14-piece band. ZMMM has entered into a licensing agreement with controlling interest in “Great American Diva’s”, a Broadway style show & musical journey into the world of the 70’s era (Studio 54) musical female giants of our time. The Company will produce and promote a series of Live Concert events featuring Great American Diva’s in 2015, with the ultimate goal of securing residency in casino showrooms nationwide in 2016. It is our intention to franchise the production and expand its presence globally. The Company through its licensing agreement has secured the recording, touring, and merchandising rights on an exclusive basis.



The company also owns The Plaza Ballroom: a ballroom facility boasting both a 5,500 sq. ft. and a 13,000 sq. ft. venue. They will present a musical concert series in addition to serving as a dancing center which offers lessons during the day, and hosts dance parties in the evenings. The Plaza features the largest dance floor in South Florida (2,400 sq. ft.) and concert seating at tables for 300 guests and theater seating for 450. The facility has a beer and wine license, and valet parking for 250 cars.

The Company operates a 13,000 sq. ft. and an adjacent 5,500 sq. ft. multi-purpose venue in North Palm Beach Florida. Ballroom functions as a live entertainment venue, a ballroom dance studio holding a license for Sanctioned Dance Competitions sponsored by THE NATIONAL DANCE COUNCIL OF AMERICA for the county of Palm Beach, Florida., and the hosting of private parties & weddings and Saturday night Dance Parties for 250 dancers.


Zoom Companies Inc is a public entity that allows the public to share in the bounty by becoming share holders in the company. We at ZOOM look forward to it’s future as an Entertainment Company,  while cross marketing it’s subsidiaries to increase revenues and profits. It is supported by experienced management that can make each entity and joint venture profitable, resulting in increased earnings and a growing market capitalization. click links below for further information on our private placement.  Share  in the profits, share in the fun.

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