WRAPMail, Inc. (OTC: WRAP)

WRAPmail, Inc. (OTC : WRAP) (https://www.wrapmail.com) is pleased to announce that WRAPmail 2.0 is now available to all iOS users at the Apple App Store. iOS users can now enjoy the full features and benefits of what we believe to be the most dynamic email enhancement app on the market today. The release for iOS adds to WRAPMail’s growing list of supported communication platforms, which already includes Android devices. All users can visit www.wrapmail.com to download the product and for support.


About Wrap Mail

WRAPmail Incorporated is a software development company which operates in the industry of web-based advertising. It offers project, document, sales, as well as marketing management systems to different clients through their website. The main product of the company is WRAPmail, an Email Templating System (ETS), which is interactive, patented stationery for personal and one-on-one emails for use across different industries.

WRAPmail adds dynamic and trackable letterhead and graphics to emails. The system offers “Click Notification” alerts, as well as analytical reports in a seamless way, without having to interfere in processes involved in business.


Client Sample

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How WrapMail Works

WRAPmail, Inc. is comprised of two complimentary business offerings. Its first offering, WRAPmail, is a patented interactive email stationery for regular (one-on-one) business and personal emails. The WRAPmail solution combines its proprietary patented technology with custom marketing content and provides a next generation marketing e-mail platform for organizations and individuals. The company provides a “rich” e-mail letterhead solution to organizations and individuals allowing e-mail correspondence to be written on letterhead as opposed to a blank sheet of paper, which is today’s current practice. Basically, a “rich” e-mail message is one that includes one or more of the following multi-media features — graphics, pictures, text, audio, video, animation and links. WRAPmail has developed a platform of rich e-mail software features based on industry standards packaged as an integrated, turnkey server-centric product that resides in the cloud. Secondly, WRAPmail, Inc. offers Prosperity Bullseye, a document, project and sales management system with a focus on document retention and compliance.


The Advantages of Wrapmail

These days, email is still considered as the most efficient type of communication, still ahead of other technologies such as instant messaging (IM), social networking and several others. For this reason, WRAPmail optimizes this capability of email in helping clients to expand their brand presence on the World Wide Web. This results to allowing companies to accomplish three things. First, it helps in making emails better with the use of standard email templates. Second, it also helps in improving brand presence. Third, this results to growth of any company using WRAPmail.


WRAPMail Options

There are three options that are available under WRAPmail. One is WRAPmail Business Edition, which is the perfect solution for any size of organization. With this package, one administrator has the capability to manage the team, controlling the appearance and feel of each email that is sent by members of the organization.

The WRAPmail Personal Edition is the best option for an individual or a community group. With this option, there is a possibility to personalize emails, even to the point of making them memorable and fun. Designs can also be selected for different events and occasions.

Lastly, WRAPmail Enterprise Software is the recommended choice for different organizations that are planning to host their own environment. The company takes charge of providing all necessary system integration support, thus ensuring an easy installation.

What Other People Say

Different individuals and organizations have already tried using WRAPmail. The most common feedback has something to do with its exceptional features. It helps any company market their website, products, and services in each email that is sent out. Others also appreciate the opportunity of giving amazing exposure for any company. As such, organizations receive positive review and feedback from their customers, as they are also highly impressed with the emails they receive from the company.


Google Play and App Store IOS

As of August, WRAPmail can now be downloaded right from Google Play Store. With this, Android now has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and full features of this email improvement app. Wrapmail 2.0 is also available at the Apple App Store. iOS users can now enjoy the full features and benefits of what we believe to be the most dynamic email enhancement app on the market today. Aside from this, individuals and organizations can download the software from the main website www.wrapmail.com.


Meet the Team

CEO Marco Alfonsi commented, “With one billion Apple devices sold and with some of the most rigorous standards of acceptance, we are very proud to now reach Apple’s iOS users around the world. I think we’ll start to see some creative uses of our products from this new user base.”


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