WindStream Technologies, Inc. (WSTI)

The Alternative energies market has witnessed a trendy innovation with an up and coming Superpower that is carving a niche in this space. North Vernon, Indiana plays host to Windstream Technologies, Inc; a Company that is focused on Air or Wind driven Alternative Technology. They have continued to create a huge International presence in the market through the sale of their SolarMills which go with the brand names: SolarMill and TurboMill. The dynamic thrust of their customer base shows they are making the right connections in very unique ways.

This Company which was founded in 2008 has continued to create different streams to manage their explosive expansion over the years. They recently signed a lease agreement for manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad, India. Their joint venture agreement with Deepan Group and the West Coast Ventures operates with a war chest to the tune of $2 Million. They have acquired a sizable expanse of land to house their manufacturing facility. For those who are conversant with the happenings in this industry, this is a huge win for this organization.

Alternative Energy Overseas

Windstream considers India to be a strategic market for various reasons. It believes that the huge potential lies in their population, energy needs and the viable opportunity for businesses to thrive. The number of units that has been shipped to India currently stands at above 160. The government initiatives, India’s lack of composite energy generation capacity and financial incentives all come together to anchor the promotion of energy solutions and distributions for the populace. In 2012, India had a power challenge and over 700 million people did not have access to energy. This shows how big the market is for Windstream.

The President and CEO of WindStream, Dan Bates, have continued to work with every channel to create a sustainable growth pattern for the organization. Under his leadership, there has been a strong focus on ensuring that that Company and its Investors make money. Interestingly, due to their unique capabilities, they have a State in India that currently requires their service. The State of Maharashtra has over 1.5 million people that would require the solar power which WindStream is poised to generate. 

Global Expansion in Alternative Energy

The unlimited potential for expansion and its position in the market make this Organization a dynamic force. It is important to mention that there are many markets that are beginning to embrace the need for Alternative Energy. Most Countries in Africa and Asia remain a prime place for organizations in this niche to thrive. In view of the current realities, WindStream has a base that would continue to expand to accommodate the needs of its teeming clients. A close look at their pedigree shows that they are a force to reckon with no matter the parameter used to assess their performance.

In view of the economic, competitive and hardware issues that can determine how things pan out in this industry; it is pertinent to mention that there is room for positive growth. It is exciting to see the shift that is happening and today’s world and to note that WindStream is among the names to watch.



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