Here are the Questions You Should Ask First:


The recent news reported that Syrian President Assad has used a chemical weapon against civilians. This has quickly amplified the calls for the go to war against Syria. The photos of the chemical victims of the attack shocked the internet and people are crying out. The Russian government has claimed that the chemicals attacks were launched by a group of rebels, or others to make the Syrian government look guilty.

The Consequences of a War With Syria

                                       Think About the Real Truth of a War




U.S.  To take Hard Stance against Chemical Warfare

Soon after that news of the attacks, President Trump said that the United States would aim to force Syrian President Assad to leave office. These calls for action were understandable with the amount of destruction and death that has happened under Assad.However, we have seen what happens when a country enters a war without planning. This last occurred when United States went to war with Iraq. The Iraq war caused many problems in the last few years, and we are still seeing the fallout of it. This could be why we are seeing President Trump taking time to make sure that the information we are receiving is true and what the best course of action is.


Here is the Questions You Should Answer before Deciding if the United States should go to war


  • Would Assad depose make the United States safer?
  • What are the national interests that are served by deposing Assad’s regime?
  • What are the benefits of a political victory for Syria and how long will this political victory take? -What do you consider a victory in Syria? Is it Assad destabilization or the creation of a new, stable government?
  • How long will the political victory take?
  • What resources are going to be needed to achieve the planned political victory?
  • Are there other countries that will join the US in their fight against Assad?
  • Is there a risk of a conflict with Russia? Russia is very close to Syria and its government. If the United States chooses to enter into a war with Syria, will Russia choose to enter the fight?




The Questions are Brutal and Real

The answer too many of the questions is unclear because we do not have all the information. The United States government needs, to be honest and open about their plans for dealing with Syria. It should tell the American people what the potential risks are and what the cost of going to war would be. The worst thing that the United States could do at the moment is repeat the debacles of Libya and Iraq.

The question of if the United States will go to war with Syria r is unclear at the moment. In the past, decisions in the United States were very emotionally driven, but we have seen that entering a war without planning for the future is detrimental to what the ending results are. There has been a huge amount of outrage after the photos of the chemical attack victims were released online. However, we do not have all the facts, so it is hard to say if going to war is the right move at the moment.