Trump First 100 Days

The first 100 days in office for President Trump have been nothing if not dramatic. But whilst healthcare and energy overhauls remain core concerns for the Trump administration, many are anticipating how President Trump could reinvigorate America’s flagging casino industry.

The President has already had a long and complex relationship with casinos in the US. His building of gambling establishments in Atlantic City didn’t exactly go to plan. And whilst the former Trump Taj Mahal Casino may be under new ownership, it’s clear that such traditional gambling pleasures may be a relic of the 20th century.

As usual, Trump has been very hard to read as to his thoughts on a deregulation of casino gaming across the US. The nation has very tight restrictions on online gambling compared to other countries, with only three states currently facilitating online gambling.

And whilst neighboring Canada is well served with online casino gaming companies like Lucky Nugget Casino, the US has suffered as a result of moral opposition and banks who block financial transactions to these gambling websites.

But with President Trump being extremely keen to do away with much of the red tape around many forms of industry, it’s hoped that we could be on the verge of a casino gaming renaissance. Not only would a deregulation of gambling laws deliver more taxable income to cash-strapped states, but it would undoubtedly bolster Trump’s approval ratings too.President Trump has a history of using powerful figures in the industry to guide his political decisions. And although the close relationship with Poker Ventures’ Marc Lasry saw Trump investing in the gaming company, there are other more traditional gambling operators who might oppose such technologically assisted liberalization.

Who is Sheldon Adelson

One such individual is Trump’s friend, Sheldon Adelson, who not only runs Las Vegas Sands, but was also a key financial backer to the presidential campaign. Rather than surrendering his gambling businesses to the mercy of online competition, Adelson will undoubtedly be looking to Trump to provide necessary protection to established American casinos.In addition to this is the fact that Trump’s presidency is also at the mercy of the religious right in American politics who will undoubtedly form a concerted opposition to anything that resembles a lifting of moral stringencies.

The Online Casino Revolution So whilst it seems that the conditions are perfect for an online casino revolution in the US, with President Trump in the White House, it’s impossible to guess how events will unfold.