Technology Inventions


The technology inventions markets have been enriched with a wide range of innovative advances in 2016. Many of these technological advances and inventions are bettering or will better our lives in the near distant future. Technology is expanding the way we treat certain diseases, how robots communicate, and how we grow our veggies. There is no end to the possibilities as long as you have the gift of imagination, an open mind, and a willingness to accept where technology could lead. Let us take a look at some of the latest technological advancements and inventions of 2016.

Robot Technology

Robot technology is rapidly changing. Many people are waiting for the day when robots can perform the jobs no one else wants to do. Although that day is definitely coming, for now, robots are limited to what they can do. They cannot yet grasp objects like we can, but they are slowly learning to do so. Research robots are practicing picking up objects and when they perfect the grip they store it in their memory. They can then take that stored data and use it to teach other robots to do the same thing. It may not seem like a big thing now, but over the next decade robot technology will expand at an amazing pace.

Smart Phone

Smartphone technology is improving too. Remember when we were excited about touch screen technology. That was so yesterday. Now you can operate your phone more effectively with your voice. In China voice interfaces are changing how we use our phones. It is within the realm of possibility that in the near future, the touch screen may be replaced with a Floating Glass Pad the you levitate with you mind , and control with thought. We are living in a very fast paced world where today’s technology is obsolete the minute it comes to the market place. Although speech recognition technology is not quite where we want it to be it is only a matter of time before it is perfected and a major player in the technology inventions market.


Wireless devices that can power themselves are approaching reality. This is a major breakthrough because until now internet connected devices have depended on cords and batteries to keep them powered. The new technology allows these devices to power up by repurposing radio or Wi-Fi signals nearby. This could mean that your home temperature sensors, security cameras, and smoke alarms will no longer need a direct power source to operate.

The Latest in High Tech

From High Tech inventions and devices to genetically engineered immune cells that may be effective against cancer to plant gene editing within the code that protects us against disease and drought; the technology inventions market has no shortage of exceptional advances and inventions. As long as there are dreamers and innovators in the industry of technological advances, the world will band together and continuously produce from every county, the future technological possibilities that will always be our way of life as we speed through time and space in our universe.