What is Brain Mapping


Sure political debates are fun to watch, but how revealing are they about the candidates?  How much do voters really learn from watching candidates attack one another on a stage?  Not very much, I’m afraid.  Is there a better way for voters to know the truth about their candidate?   Fortunately there is, but we’re not using it in presidential politics yet.


It’s called brain mapping and it provides much greater insight and understanding about someone.  Want to really know what Donald Trump is like?  How stable and trustworthy he is? What really bothers him?  One way is to check his brain map.


Yes one day clinicians like myself are hopeful he and other presidential candidates will submit to the revelations that can only come from mapping someone’s brain.  We do it every day to people, about whom we learn so much from the technological process we use to map their brain.  Brain mapping presidential candidates should be a perquisite to running for office, unless of course the electorate prefers stay in the dark and candidates would rather keep what’s inside their brain off the record.


Nevertheless, voters are sick and tired of politicians attacking one another as almost a strategy to keep under wraps what they are truly like, what they really feel and what kind of a leader they will really be if elected.


Yet here is a better way of understanding who they really are.  What’s inside them?  What they really think of the world and their role in it.  Sure, we talk about technology a lot, but not in terms of answering one of the most important questions in our democracy—who should I vote for.  So now it’s time for technology and clinical experience to open our eyes and the door to truth about presidential candidates.  Who are they really?  How stable are they?   How honest?


If I’m allowed to brain map the presidential candidates, I can get inside their heads! Obama proclaimed transparency yet did not give it to us. Let me read their brain maps to bring transparency to a whole new level. Politicians have been known to alter records or produce documents which do not include all the facts. They cannot alter a brain map! Let’s all say once and for all “We can handle the truth!” The real question Mr. or Ms. Presidential Candidate is can YOU?

How does Brain Mapping affect world Leaders and Politicians

The Cole Brain Map Analysis can identify many of the causes of the many psychological, behavioral and personality driven characteristics of the candidates. Based on this information, what actually drives the candidates to behave the way they do will be revealed. If they actually care, this information can then be used by the candidates themselves to improve on their weaknesses and tone down the areas that are moving in the direction of extremists.

DONALD TRUMP – In my opinion Mr. Trump would rush in for my Analysis as by doing so he would once again control the media agenda and keep the focus on himself and a brain he is confident is much more brilliant that his political adversaries.  Naturally, I would have to pay him (a considerable amount of money) to make the brain map deal or if he would have to profit (financially or otherwise) from the experience.


Brain Mapping Politicians

Donald Trump comes across as being completely success driven with very little time for anything which does not bode a success. It seems that he has very little energy for compassion, empathy, or the enjoyment of living for its own sake. Most, if not all, of Mr. Trump’s smiles and happiness seem to come from success. The Brain Map of Donald Trump would show that every lobe (except for the Frontal Lobes) is much the same as the Temporal Lobes of many of the candidates. His entire brain would be right side dominant Beta (and probably Gamma) Waves with left side dominant imbalanced left side Delta and Low Delta Waves. This would change a bit in the Frontal Lobes.


By Geoff Cole

Clinical Director of Pathwaves

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