“There’s a changing of the guard on Wall Street with new stock trading platforms such as and, as well as new online exchanges such as Investors  Exchange IEX, but none of them have yet been able to create an iconic brand like Wall Street,” said Jerrold Burden, Principal owner and Director of, LLC.  “This domain package sale is a perfect opportunity to buy one of the worlds most prized and recognized Financial Domain Names in the history of the internet.  As the internet changes how we do business on Wall Street, technology and necessity will dictate the new path for the world of finance. The best investment for any large financial group is to invest in the worlds’ most recognizable financial domain name. ”

Mr. Burden adds, “ is  yet to be created with the worlds latest and best Financial Technologies, a blank slate that can be utilized to take stock trading to new heights, enhance or extend their own brand, or provide entry into Wall Street for a company looking to expand or establish its financial market presence.  The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the marketing and technology groups that are able to acquire control of”and place it in the cloud for everyone. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  Albert Einstein


Two companies have come together as  JV Partners to collectively package and market this Iconic Financial  Domain Property: A London based company  who owns, and LLC, a U.S. company which owns, an active financial website since 1994, and has been granted  The Principal Trademark  for “” and seven other categories of the  registered trademarks filed with the (USPTO) United States patent & Trademark Office for the name  The Trademarked names are in use and active on the website;    The two companies have come together to offer  the Domain Name Property at the NameSummit Conference in New York. The website ranks organically on the first page of Google when searching Wall Street.  The term “Wall Street” is synonymous with the world’s financial capital. The unique value of the term “Wall Street” is that in any language it is recognized and never translated, giving it instant identification and respect in global financial sectors.


                          NameSummit Conference In New York August 7th & 8th

The NameSummit Conference is presented by it’s co-creators and founders  Jason Schaeffer and Steve Kaziyev.   “This digital branding conference will bring together some of the most brilliant and progressive individuals and companies in the digital branding industry.  We are looking forward to offering the Domain Package as this year’s “Premium Domain” and to help the people realize and understand  the enormous potential of this Iconic Financial Name.”   said  Steve Kaziyev, co-founder of the NameSummit Conference.

NameSummit 2017 is bringing the best together to discuss leading trends in branding, influencer marketing, social media, and showcase the continuing evolution of domain names as an important part of a great brand or advertising campaign.  Building a digital brand and creating a cohesive and effective web presence requires and understanding of trends in social media, SEO, local and geo branding trends, AdWords and more. NameSummit 2017 is bringing you experts in Instagram and Influencer Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization and leaders in domain name usage as well as legal experts to show beginners and pros how to build your brand, capture customers and keep them connected.

NameSummit 2017 is coming to New York City this August 7th & 8th to ignite conversations about branding in a digital world. The event brings together the experts in the Domain and Branding industry packed with valuable discussions. The guests will engage with speakers to learn about developing and maintaining a brand online and acquire the skills they need to face competition not only from rival brands but also from SEO algorithms.
What you’ll learn:
  • Optimizing the Digital Experience
  • Establishing a Brand
  • Maintaining Consistency across all Platforms
  • Engaging Users Based on Behavior
  • Managing Privacy, Security and Data
Be ready to be challenged to reinvent your business to not only survive in the industry but also to succeed. Establishing a consistent brand identity across all online platforms can be a tricky game, but a game that brings big winnings when understood.



The prominent goal motivating LLC is to discover the hidden assets of the financial internet sector and reveal them to the world through several languages, generated through  our  Language Translator System. By  the internal development  within the company, as well as out sourcing to powerful affiliates and partner companies, continues to expand the horizon of possibilities for people around the world to use this valuable source of financial information for personal use. In today’s modern world, the Internet services and related technology need to be constantly updated and re-calibrated to ensure  that we can provide the most proficient and best use of Technology and Information. LLC scans the market for companies that utilize the most up to date and technologies and financial information the world has to offer.  The ultimate goal of, is to build affiliations and relationships with companies throughout the financial internet world that have something unique to offer to both the consumer and the businesses involved in the financial services and related industries of disseminating this information to the  internet world. Through and its  affiliation with one of the industry’s leaders in Domain Names,  EPIK Domains, and its strong affiliation with Quote Media Inc., a leading provider of financial content, continues to developing the potential, and explore other fields of the financial sector beyond the boundaries of the usual conforming standards of the industry. There are numerous sectors and hundreds of niche markets  within the financial  internet industry today.  This allows us to further our possibilities for building the most powerful and effective financial websites and affiliate website portfolios  in the world of financial markets today. Our branding of the world famous name of WallStreet  with our Trademarked name  “”  this gives us the  highly recognized value of this Iconic name and  the foundation by which the company will continue to expand on a Global basis.  The company owns  seven Trademarks and the copyrights,  to the name and as registered with the USPTO, (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) in Washington D.C.

Since 1984,, through its predecessor company, performed an exclusive IR service for a very select and limited group of some of the largest and best-known companies on Wall Street through our “Fastest-Growing Companies”, “Shareholder Friendly Companies” and “Exceptional Companies” investor relations programs. IR Programs have been so well received by IR and Wall Street professionals that most Programs became “oversubscribed” shortly after becoming available. Some of’s best-know larger alumni include Amgen, Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics, Medtronic, Motorola, Raymond James Financial and Rent-A-Center. LLC acquired the Domain in 2012,  to pursue the vision of the worlds best financial portal for all people.


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