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Like Uber did for ride-seekers, we’re leveraging proven GPS and mapping technologies to provide a level of instant service and convenience that was once only dreamed of.  What are you waiting for…the next minute is here!


Stop and smell the roses?  Not these days.  In the 21st century, we’re all about getting things done right now.  Instant gratification is everything – and time has become man’s biggest enemy.

The business has picked up on this in a big way, with entrepreneurs in multiple industries racing to bring the most instant solutions to consumers.  The “Efficiency Economy” is what has spawned from this – a new marketplace of services that make everything more efficient in terms of finding and getting work done.  In the same way that consumers seek immediately-available services, professionals are always on the lookout for additional business opportunities in what’s an increasingly-competitive landscape.  



Where is the Next big Market in Service

However, this new market still lacks an all-encompassing service that collaborates general professional services.  There’s still no way of finding out who is actually available to fix that AC or leaky faucet immediately without performing exhaustive Google searches or making multiple calls.  As a result, the Efficiency Economy remains stuck in neutral.  In order to satisfy consumer and professional desires for instant gratification, we need a solution for right now, right now!

In merging together the best elements of Uber and Thumbtack, we’re creating instantaneous matches between available professionals and people in need of their immediate services.  Nextminuteapp is far from another appointment setter or daily scheduler; it’s all about moving fast – and keeping you moving instead of aimlessly wasting time.

At nextminuteapp, we’re a connection-enabler above all else.  We’re simply providing a convenient, functionally-unique app for the masses to use – making it easy for you to take the lead from there and get stuff accomplished.  Professionals can get busy right away by signing up for nextminuteapp and immediately selecting what type of work they’re qualified for.  It’s a great thing to utilize during downtime and an ideal secondary (maybe even primary) sales channel.  Consumers, on the other hand, can access all service provider details through their profiles.  Making contact with providers is easy, and hundreds of service categories can be found on our app.  Got a short fuse?  Call a nextminuteapp electrician.  Locked out of your house?  Our locksmiths will be right there. Toilet is leaking? Our plumbers are ready to go. Regardless of which side of the transaction you’re on, we’re all about right now!

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