A Possible End to the Syrian Civil War


If you thought that the Syrian Civil War had no end in sight, think again. The president of SNC Syrian National Coalition, Anas al-Abdah spoke to wall-street.com and said that Donald Trump’s election as U.S president could prove key in ending this six-year civil war in Syria.

He said, “The new (U.S.) president-elect has the will and the leadership to reassert American leadership in the area and in Syria.” This was in total contradiction of U.S’ approach to the war, which referred to as allowing Russia rights to act with impunity.

Syrian National Coalition is alliance comprised of rebel groups and political insurgents which is based in Turkey. This coalition receives backing from countries in the West which are in opposition of Assad’s rule.

Back in Syria, a rebel group based in the war-torn country thought differently. Zakaria Malahifji, who is the head of the political office for this rebel group was less enthusiastic. He said in part, “I think things will become difficult because of Trump’s statements and his relationship with Putin and Russia. I imagine this is not good for the Syrian issue.”

Donald Trump’s Victory Leading to Peace with Russia and Syria

Trump’s recent win has been received with somewhat of a positive reaction from Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said, after receiving news of Trump’s election win that Russian Capital, Moscow, would endeavor to restore with U.S capital, Washington. The SNC as well received Trump’s victory positively as the sent congratulatory remarks to the president-elect and spoke to one of his representative on the way forward concerning the Syrian situation.

He added that as soon as Trump’s administrations were in office, Europe would need to step up its efforts to end Assad’s Syrian regime. Anas urged Germany to intensify its efforts in ending the war.

Speaking with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s Foreign Minister, Al-Abdah mentioned that they had made inroads with trying to find a solution to the Syrian situation. Such possible positive steps would be to put an end to bombing of innocent Syrian civilians and stopping the flow of financial resources from Russian banks and companies which were aiding Assad’s regime.

Al-Abdah mentioned that he would set up a meeting with European Union officials in the coming days to discuss what president-elect Trump’s victory would mean for the Syrian issue.

Germany stands at a vantage point as it is currently in good terms with both the U.S and Russia, therefore can spearhead the fight against Assad’s regime as well as mediate peace talk between the U.S and Russia, now that Trump will be in power. In addition to that, Germany has taken in the largest number of Syrian refugees over the last two years; therefore its stand on ending the Syrian issue is strong.