What Donald Trump’s Victory mean for America and the World


Trump has shifted positions on a wide range of issues before, after, and during his campaign, making it difficult to know for certain where he will land now that he has captured the White House. His circle of advisers is also smaller and less cohesive than past Republican candidates: Numerous policy aides from prior GOP administrations have opposed his candidacy, along with every living Republican president and nominee, with the exception of Bob Dole. That makes it difficult to predict who he will appoint to carry out his plans.

“”He’s going to try to start with a bang by taking as much of Obama off the books with a stroke of his pen as he possibly can””


There are some hints from his inner circle at top positions, though: According to senior campaign aides, his transition team is eyeing Rudy Giuliani as a possible attorney general and Newt Gingrich as secretary of state. RNC chairman Reince Priebus is also under consideration as Trump’s chief of staff.

Should Trump follow through on his more sweeping campaign pledges, policy experts and political veterans see the potential for an explosive four years in office.

In a speech this month, Donald Trump outlined a plan for his first 100 days in office that included a range of policy issues and some more personal items. He renewed his pledge to build a border wall, to undo President Obama’s executive orders on immigration and other policies, and potentially to withdraw from NAFTA. On foreign policy, he has advocated an “America First” approach that has alarmed overseas leaders by calling into question alliances like NATO unless countries pay more for protection.


Donald Trump Presidential Victory Speech