Tourism and the Stock Market


As you likely already know, the tourism industries in several countries has soared to new heights. While Zika and terrorism scares have hurt tourism in some portions of the world, other countries have remained unscathed and this has given them the ability to pick up the slack. As an investor, it is key to look for such weaknesses and place your orders accordingly. While some travel stocks have plummeted, others are on the verge of breaking out. While hotels have had a bad month, travel websites and airlines have done fairly well. Spirit Airlines, which is based out of Miramar, Florida, is a low-cost carrier. The company’s competitive edge has allowed it to soar under the radar.

The company has a fleet size of 87 and transports tourists to 59 individual destinations. And, their stock has been stagnant as of late, but this is a good thing. The stock remains near its 52-week-low, but could very well be on the verge of an outbreak. The stock sits at 38 dollars and could climb as high as 53, if not higher. There is some volatility and investors will need to take on a small amount of risk, but the upside could be enormous. Those looking for a good hotel stock should consider investing in Morgans Hotel Group. The company has done excellently since September 13, thanks to a takeover offer from an unidentified party. The announcement confirmed an unknown party was willing to take over the company and offered to pay $2.75 per share.


Travel Stocks 2016

To make matters even sweeter, the source was ready to put up $500 million to accommodate the acquisition, so things are getting pretty serious. The stock currently sits at just over 2 dollars. If you believe the takeover will happen, it would be a good time to invest in the stock! For those interested in the flight booking industry, now would be a good time to consider airline stocks. There are plenty out there, but a few are a little more viable than others.

Boeing is an American company that manufactures, designs, and sells various types of airliners. In 2013, the company was rated, by dollar value the biggest exporter in the U.S. Boeing has been struggling to gain share in the market, but there is still a chance. India’s air travel is expected to see a huge increase in the near future. Not only is this great news for the entire travel market, but Boeing could also reap some of the rewards.


AirBus Aircrafts

Airbus (OTCPK: EADSY) is another stock that may be worth investing in. Airbus is also a big producer of aircrafts. With the potential India travel growth, the company may be able to enhance their revenue and gain market share. Several financiers seem to think that Airbus has a slight edge over Boeing, since they focus mostly on low cost carriers. However, the India travel market is much smaller than the American and Chinese market, but there is still some great potential for both of these companies.

These are great stocks that you should keep in mind for future investments. Right now may be the time to buy, but it may be a good idea to continue monitoring India’s developing travel market.