Tech Industry I.P.Os 2017


Investing in stock was once just for the Wall Street elite. Now, we blue collar workers looking to buy into small priced stocks with a big upside potential have the tools to make wise investment decisions.

Whether you are a retiree making trades off your yacht or a mechanic that builds his portfolio in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed, we all understand there is a single universal truth with respect to purchasing stock: the sooner you get in, the better.

Below are three companies expected to offer I.P.O.s in the next two to six quarters that are not only expected to make big splashes on Wall Street, but could very well make one in your bank account if you get in early.

Evernote Corp.

A company that has received over $250 million in funding from private corporations; accumulated more than 100 million app users; purchased several competing companies; and integrated themselves into the Asian market, Evernote is most well known for its note-taking app (1).

Thought the company just seems to keep growing and has promised a number of times to go public, it keeps postponing the IPO date. But, if Evernote ever stops teasing and goes public, the stocks will go like hot cakes.

What is most interesting about Evernote is that just 25% of its users are in the U.S. and Canada. The rest are in burgeoning markets like China, Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Box Inc.

A company that offers up to 10 GB of free storage for users, Box is a cloud computing business. What makes the Box storage system is how data and information is shared. A person can control who, how, and when other users are able to access the content.

Box planned to go public in September of 2014, but then the IPO of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. was announced and as the dates coincided, Box chose to postpone (2). Both Google and Microsoft are developing similar cloud systems, but Box has been in the cloud storage game since 2007.

Right now, Box has over 300 million users while Google Drive only has 240 (3). If Box can keep its edge and hold of the industry giants, if Box can put out a superior product for the next several years, those who purchase Box stock on the IPO date will be rewarded big.


This is data storage company is already worth over $2 billion. Clients of Nutanix include the United States Army and Toyota (4). According to a San Jose Mercury News report, “Fidelity and Wellington, behemoth financial institutions based in Boston,” invested over $140 million in Nutanix in August.

Of the upcoming IPOs, the Nutanix public offering has the potential to be one of the biggest of the year. More importantly, it has the potential to be the safest bet.


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