GDX (VanEck Global) Company Description

GDX is a standout among the most prevalent stocks in the Global mining section particularly in gold in NASDAQ.  It is a trade powerhouse with profound essential, auxiliary and subordinates markets. The revenues tracks a list that is more extensive compared to the index of HUI Gold, with enormous portions to the major partners in the business. However, since GDX is constrained to firms exchanged in the US, it misses a portion of the universal trade firms. Likewise, it incorporates mining different valuable metals, so it’s not by any stretch of the imagination constrained in the industry of gold. The trading volume is reasonably valued; however the holding costs have an inclination to be somehow costly. As a worldwide industry, GDX is somewhat short, yet it’s still massively well known.

Since the date of its inception, the stocks of GDX have plunged to 55%.  The dip, however, cannot be attributed to the market demand of Gold but to the cutting cost of the company on the gold miners.  The holding of GDX includes some of the major companies listed in such as AEM, SLW, NCM, FNV, NEM, ABX and GG.


The GDX Stock Market Profile


GDX is being handled by Van Eck Global, wherein they adjusted their trading volume based on the movements at  It has a surprisingly low ration on expenses that is only at 0.53%.  In the most recent year, the interest of the public companies on gold has increased because of the concerns associated with market policy.  And proportionate for this heightened interest the stock gains and market demands are also slowly but steadily growing.

GDX can be categorized as a speculative company and is suitable for those investors who are secured about the risk that it presents.  The primary driver of the market price of this company is determined upon the price of gold.  Unfortunately, the accurate determination of the market price of gold and the stocks gains are fairly difficult as it does not have any cash flow.


Based on, the price of gold is stable on areas that have financial instability wherein the rate of interest is on a downward trend and the inflations in on the rise.  When the economy is unstable, people tend to lose their confidence in other means of generating money and focus their entire resources on gold which has long been used as an essential money making tool.  Under these conditions, this NASDAQ listed company is in a more favorable position and is highly likely to have stock gains and high market demand.

The GDX has been trading their market shares on NYSE and NASDAQ based on for quite some time now.  It was established last 2006 by the Van Eck Global during the time that the demand on the precious metals is high.