Stock Market Closes at Record High

The stock market closed at record highs as June opened, following the creation of 138,000 jobs in May to bring unemployment down to 4.3 percent. The S&P 500 index reached an intraday record of 2,440.23 on June 2 to close at a record 2,349.07, a 0.4 percent increase of 9.01 points. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite Index also hit all-time highs. Whether or not this trend will continue hinges on a number of variables.These turbulent times keep investors on the edge of their seats, waiting to see whether their stocks are going up or down. Here are some technology tools to help you keep current on how your stocks are performing.

Choosing a Suitable Smartphone

Using the right smartphone will make managing your investments safer and easier. For safe mobile management of your investments, you’ll want a phone with strong security features. Your phone should also be fast enough to feed you investment data at real-time speeds. It should also have an operating system that lets you take advantage of the latest investing apps.

An example of a phone that fits the bill is the Apple iPhone SE. A relative of the iPhone 6, designed for customers who prefer a smaller 4-inch screen, the SE contains all the same renowned security features as its larger cousin, including a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, lock screen capability, encryption and the ability to wipe out your data remotely if your phone is lost or stolen. Despite its small size, the SE packs power, with an A9 processor chip that clocks speeds 70 percent faster than its predecessor, while delivering graphics 80 percent faster. And the iPhone’s popularity ensures you that you’ll able to use today’s leading financial and investment management apps.


Monitoring Your Portfolio

Some of today’s popular apps are designed to help you keep track of your stock portfolio along with your general financial status. The Personal Capital app keeps you current on your portfolio performance, investment allocations, sector weighting, as well as your investment holdings, bank holdings, current balance and the value of your home. Banktivity Investor gives you instant information on your investment performance, with up-to-date quotes and news from Yahoo! Finance, along with 52-week hi/lo averages, dividend yields and additional details you can drill down into. SigFig acts as a mobile investment advisor, letting you not only see your investments in one place but also build a customized portfolio and even have it managed for you.

Following Stock Market News

Other apps help you keep up with the latest news in the stock world. StockTwits taps into Twitter to let you follow what traders and investors are saying about the stocks you own, as well as other companies people are talking about. Follow industry leaders, connect with other investors and check whether stocks are bullish or bearish before deciding how to invest. Bloomberg’s mobile app updates you on the latest business news developments as well as current stock market data and trends.


Trading Stocks Online

When it comes to actively trading stocks from your mobile device, there are many apps available to assist you. If you’re new to online stock trading, a good app to get your feet wet is Robinhood, which lets you buy and stocks without paying a fee per trade. You can buy or sell at market price, make and stop limit orders and stop loss orders, with no minimum account requirement.

If you’re already comfortable with online trading, you might be ready for more feature-rich platforms. The TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader app is geared toward advanced, active traders, letting you trade stocks, ETFs, forex, futures, options on futures and multi-leg options. To assist your investment decisions, the app provides customizable charts with hundreds of technical indicators and you can even text your investment advisor and share screens with them. The E*TRADE mobile app is geared toward professional traders, with advanced features such as real-time quotes, analyst reports, stock and ETF screeners, options chain filters and analytics tools.