Technology is becoming so advanced with new equipment being developed each year. Businesses have been transformed by technology allowing working life to become more effective and efficient. The only problem is trying to decide which technology tools and software to go for as there is so much choice out there appropriate for any sized business.

Project & Time Management

During the working day it can be difficult to keep track of how much time is being spent on different projects. Tools like Wrike can transform tasks for small businesses. Wrike enables project managers to overseen the work of their colleagues whether they’re sat at the next desk or in another country. Wrike combines project management with real time workspace in which colleagues can discuss and share documents.

Office Essentials

Each office will have its own set of essentials but there are some staples which are universally used in businesses including cheaper copiers, printers, scanners, telephone systems and obviously the much needed computer. Most machines have been condensed into one which prints, photocopies and scans so if you’re looking to update some of your machines why not trade in your old ones? With the costs of the old one you can invest in a new machine that does all.

Data Storage

Whatever the size of your business there will be a vast amount of data that will need to be stored ranging from client information to your company’s marketing media. All employees will need to have constant and instant access which with the cloud they can access all the information they need. The cloud allows entrepreneurs and any worker in any business to work virtually anywhere and it is easy to share data with anyone you wish to. Data storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox are widely used for commercial and corporate purposes as the data is protected from any hard-drive crashes that can occur.

Social Media & Marketing

Social media has transformed the way companies communicate with their customers. As well as communication becoming more accessible it has allowed smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with larger companies. A lot of businesses reap the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms to speak to their target audience at a mass level.

Email may be the most traditional form of marketing but it is still the most effective. This communicative tool allows businesses to check in and send out marketing campaigns like e-newsletters and promotions to all of their customers instantly.


For all business owners the mounting finances of tracking revenue, billing and income can be quite difficult. Now with technology it is far easier to access and update finances. QuickBooks, FreshBooks and many more allow entrepreneurs and all financial managers to create professional invoice whilst being able to keep track of clients that have and haven’t been paid.

There are various amounts of tech tools businesses can use to help aid their working day. These tech tools are easily accessible for those with internet access and work can be completed on the go, at home as well as in the office.