What do Tech Companies say about CIA Spying


Different tech firm giants have given their reaction regarding the allegation that their products have been compromised.  Accounts pertaining to the CIA’s hacking tool can be seen on the considerable amount of documents published at Wikileaks.   The spy agency is being accused of successfully developing methodologies to listen on Smart TV and Smartphone.  As of late, the pages have now surpassed the number of documents related to Snowden.

Tech Giants React to CIA’s Spying Secret

The statement of Apple contains the most comprehensive detail about the alleged infiltration of the spy agency on their tech.  While they do not necessarily confirm the supposed hacking, they affirmed that there were vulnerabilities on their system and they have already addressed it.  They even claimed that the security of Apple gadgets is the most secured programming available today.  They also added that they are dedicated in maintaining that level of security as time passes by.  The software and the product of Apple are intended to deliver the latest security updates directly to their customers.  According to them, at least 80% of their consumers are using the latest firmware.

Based on the initial analysis conducted by the company, the leaked issues have already been addressed which is all thanks to the latest operating system.  The company also affirmed that they are working fast to track any vulnerabilities and work on them.  They ended their statement by encouraging their customers to download the latest operating system to have an access to their latest updates on security.

Wikileaks also pointed out to Samsung’s F800 series that has been supposedly compromised through a hack based on USB connection.  Samsung did not clarify the alleged hacking, and they just assured the public that they are aware about the news and they are currently looking at the matter.  They also reaffirmed their commitment to protect the privacy of their consumer and the main priority of their device is to give the state-of-the-art security.


Microsoft was also the subject of the Wikileaks which claimed that the spy agency has successfully developed the malware specifically to target the windows operating system particularly the OS running on PC.  They released a statement that is similar to Samsung; again they did not authenticate the alleged hacking of the CIA.

Linux-based operating system was also an alleged victim of the possible hacking of the CIA.  Linux is a widely accessible operating system which is not surprising why it is a common target of most hackers.  Google, in contrast, refused to release a statement or comment on the supposed hacking of the CIA on their android device.

A lot of organizations are now pushing the government to release a detailed response regarding this allegation.  They even exclaimed that it is the government’s duty to protect the privacy and keep the citizen secured.  Unfortunately, the details pertaining to the allegations are doing the opposite.  Turning the gadgets that we use on the regular basis into a weapon is severely damaging.  As of late, CIA has not yet confirmed or denied the allegations.


Taking all of this into consideration how safe are you?  Is it time to band together and raise the question  of personal privacy according to our rights?

Consider the 4th Amendment and ask yourself   “Is my government paid  for by tax payers  in the United States Protecting our Civil  Rights