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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • 5 Top Financial Technology Trends

    5 Top Financial Technology Trends

    Trends in FinTech Lately, there has been a lot of buzz in the financial services space over the quick and radical changes in the sector brought about by its shift to a new, digital model that will fundamentally transform everything. In this Featured Article, we take a look at the trends shaping the financial services […]Read More »
  • How Gold Has Outperformed Stocks In The Last Few Decades

    How Gold Has Outperformed Stocks In The Last Few Decades

    Gold vs. Stocks Investment Gold has been considered a safe investment for years. For that reason people have been buying gold for decades; it’s considered one of the best storehouses of value. When the ‘investment craze’ hit the market, stocks were most investors’ first preferred option. This has more to do with the fact that […]Read More »
  • eXp The Future of Cloud Based Real Estate

    eXp The Future of Cloud Based Real Estate

    eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTC QB: EXPI)   eXp World Holdings, Inc. provides cloud-based real estate brokerage services for the residential real estate market in the United states and Canada. The company facilitates buyers to search real-time property listings and sellers to list their properties through its Website; and provides buyers and sellers access to […]Read More »


    Understanding blockchain can be a bit tricky, but at the very basic level, a blockchain is just a kind of database. A database is a collection of data or information stored on a computer in electronic form. The simplest example of a database is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. These small databases are used by individuals […]Read More »
  • US Governments New Digital Currency

    US Governments New Digital Currency

    Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have gained significant attention and popularity in recent years. These cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks and are not issued or controlled by any government or central authority. However, some governments, including the United States, have been exploring the idea of introducing their own digital currency, often referred to […]Read More »
  • The Evolution of Cryptocurrency

    The Evolution of Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency Evolved Out of Necessity Nearly ten years after the introduction of bitcoin, the first and most prominent cryptocurrency, digital currencies continue to defy the doomsday. Despite being around for less than a decade, cryptos already show potential to replace traditional fiat currencies and transform the financial services landscape. But how did they come so […]Read More »
  • Will The Bitcoin Market Keep Rising To All-Time Highs

    Will The Bitcoin Market Keep Rising To All-Time Highs

    Bitcoin’s Value Has Soared The Bitcoin market has never been stronger and despite pressures from a number of countries like Russia and the US to strictly regulate and refuse to recognize the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s value has soared. In fact, the Bitcoin price soared to a record high of $1,800 earlier this month, although some reports […]Read More »