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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • Three ways to manage your money more productively

    Three ways to manage your money more productively

    Assessing Your Financial Situation Managing your personal finances isn’t as easy as it seems. Rising prices and an uncertain economic climate make the challenges even greater, which is why it’s important that you take steps to get a firm handle on your money needs, assessing your situation, and making the appropriate changes. The key is […]Read More »
  • Best Social Media Apps for Desktop

    Best Social Media Apps for Desktop

    5 Social Media Desktop Apps You Should Download   Social media apps allow users to easily maintain their online social presence and activities. They save users lots of time and effort because there’s no monitor everything manually. The best social media apps provide a wide range of solutions that help the user organize several accounts […]Read More »
  • The importance of enterprise architecture and strategy

    The importance of enterprise architecture and strategy

    How does your business manage change? Many companies are brilliant at developing strategies but repeatedly see them come to nothing because they can’t cope with the multiple changes necessary to see them through. When business structures need to change at the same time as new technology is being implemented and information processing is changing, it’s […]Read More »
  • Transferring Your Skills Into Income

    Transferring Your Skills Into Income

      The Side Hustle  Earning extra money on the side has rapidly become the mainstream whether through the gig economy, consulting, or side hustling. In fact, nearly four in 10 Americans have a side hustle, according to Bankrate.com. And while you could just do some odd jobs here and there to earn extra cash, you […]Read More »
  • Modern Day Life Hacks: Simple Ways to Get Excellent Online TV Streaming Services

    It’s almost a life skill While TV and movie theatres may not be going out of style any time soon, the capacity to stream TV shows and movies online through PCs and mobile devices is astounding. Anyone with internet access and the right application can now watch their favorite shows anywhere and at anytime. So […]Read More »
  • Trump Wins  Look out World Changes are Coming

    Trump Wins Look out World Changes are Coming

    What Donald Trump’s Victory mean for America and the World   Trump has shifted positions on a wide range of issues before, after, and during his campaign, making it difficult to know for certain where he will land now that he has captured the White House. His circle of advisers is also smaller and less […]Read More »
  • A Trio of Must-Have Gadgets for Investors

    A Trio of Must-Have Gadgets for Investors

    Whether you’re a newbie to the world of investing or have been dabbling in the stock market for some time, you likely find yourself checking your portfolio at least once a day; after all, you want to find out if your Starbucks or Target stock has risen in value or if it’s time to get […]Read More »