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Fintech Articles Of Interest



    Ethereum is an open-access platform. People can use it for digital money and data-friendly services regardless of their location. This technology has been developed by the collaboration of the community, and it is centered around a cryptocurrency called Ether. Ethereum, as a whole, consists of thousands of applications that you can use to get a […]Read More »
  • 3 Tech Firms Investors should Keep an Eye on in 2017

    3 Tech Firms Investors should Keep an Eye on in 2017

    3 Tech Firms to Invest in 2017   In the days and weeks that followed the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, many tech stocks began to lose ground because of uncertainty surrounding his policies and how they might affect a few of the biggest tech companies. A number of those big companies saw […]Read More »
  • Regulating Virtual Currencies and ICOs

    Regulating Virtual Currencies and ICOs

    Cryptocurrency Patterns THE pattern is familiar. Computer-geeks development technologies which make threats to turn over establish markets and practice. Regulator then mix up to recognize and reclaimed the monster. It’s this that’s happening in the financial world in the wake of an increase of crypto-currencies. Within the past year the pool of virtual currencies has […]Read More »
  • Green retail and manufacture: is the onus on the buyer or the seller

    A recent survey showed that a quarter of UK consumers would be prepared to pay more for fair trade products, organic foods and green cleaning products if they were available.   This means both manufacturers and retailers need to look at how far they are willing to go in terms of their green credentials.   […]Read More »
  • Robots Are Taking Over Human Jobs on Wall Street

    Robots Are Taking Over Human Jobs on Wall Street

    STEPHEN HAWKING WARNS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ‘MAY REPLACE HUMANS’ Quote by Stephan Hawkins: “If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans.” The rise of Machines and AI  is Fast Approaching The rise of the machines was always going to come […]Read More »
  • New ICO Offerings

    New ICO Offerings

    Update On Latest Initial Coin Offerings Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a crowdfunding practice that issues digital tokens, continues to attract record attendance and rave reviews from the media and crypto enthusiasts –  for good reasons. Its influence goes far and wide, creating a new breed of tech millionaires out of small investors and ordinary citizens. […]Read More »
  • How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading

    How Beginners Prepare for Stock Market Trading

    How beginners should prepare themselves before stock  market trading Trading on the financial market can be a fascinating activity and a great way of making some money. For those with the time, commitment and knowledge, it can even become a primary method of income, netting sizeable rewards. And even if you can only commit a […]Read More »