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Fintech Articles Of Interest

  • Tips for Saving Money on Your Taxi Insurance

    Tips for Saving Money on Your Taxi Insurance

    Getting the best deal for your money is something we all strive for, particularly when looking for insurance. As a taxi driver, you probably encounter many claim-worthy situations in your day-to-day but, at the same time, you may never actually need to make a claim on your insurance. This presents a worry when it comes […]Read More »
  • Will Blockchain Disrupt Trade Finance

    Will Blockchain Disrupt Trade Finance

      Will the Rise of Blockchain Disrupt Trade Finance in the Long-term  Despite the emergence and increased sophistication of bitcoin, blockchain remains a largely unheralded and unfamiliar technology. This is because many fail to draw the connection between the two, but in many ways the potential reach and applications of blockchain far outweigh anything associated […]Read More »
  • I T  Trends Are Leaving Their Mark on Cloud Strategies

    I T Trends Are Leaving Their Mark on Cloud Strategies

    Bandwidth and   I T  Infrastructure Organizations and enterprises have realized that they are spending a lot of energy, effort, and time as well as management bandwidth to create IT infrastructure whereas it is now readily available for their use. As a result, more and more companies are turning to Cloud services that offer flexibility and […]Read More »
  • Britains Unlikely Divorce From The EU Marriage Ends In Panic

    Britains Unlikely Divorce From The EU Marriage Ends In Panic

    Brexit: Britain’s Exit from the European Union   Britons’ vote last week to get a divorce from the European Union rattled major stock markets but the separation dubbed Brexit seemed inevitable with the U.K. a reluctant partner from the start. Brexit, the blending of the words “Britain” and “exit” as a moniker to the news […]Read More »
  • 5 Top Financial Technology Trends

    5 Top Financial Technology Trends

    Trends in FinTech Lately, there has been a lot of buzz in the financial services space over the quick and radical changes in the sector brought about by its shift to a new, digital model that will fundamentally transform everything. In this Featured Article, we take a look at the trends shaping the financial services […]Read More »
  • What is Net Neutrality

    What is Net Neutrality

    Gathering And Sharing Information On The Internet Globally The internet has fast evolved to represent a new extension of our connected world. Today, we are ever more closely connected internationally. Such interconnectedness now enables individuals to bring a unique beauty that makes the world more interesting through the gathering and sharing of information. Much more […]Read More »


    The biotechnology industry is growing day by day, as well as its popularity. Companies that are working in the biotechnology industry are producing drugs and diagnostic equipment for the treatment of toxic diseases. We all know that making medicine is costly and time-consuming work. So, the investors who have bought the stocks may have to […]Read More »