Investors are Looking  for High Profit  Companies

Investors watching the market have different strategies that they employ. Some are looking for highly volatile financial profits for a quick return and others are looking for a safe haven for money that will be there for them in their retirement. Somewhere in the middle are those who want a return, a relatively short ROI, but not necessarily as immediate as in the commodities market or as far reaching as some stocks that value slowly and steadily over the years. If you are in that middle group, here are a few that are set to be quite profitable in the near future.

It’s Always a Gamble!

One thing you should be aware of as a beginning investor is that investing is always a gamble. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently and even if you were to break the law with insider information, you are still ‘guessing’ which stocks will do well and which will bomb out. If you keep this in mind, you won’t be totally devastated if the market doesn’t move as you expect or want it to move.

Keep an Eye to Societal Trends

One thing you can, and should, do is keep your eye on societal trends. Three things that come to mind at the moment are drones, autonomous cars and cannabis. In the beginning when drones were first conceived and the first generation was released, many would-be investors saw this as something from a sci-fi flick. Uncle Sam using mosquito size drones to spy on the public? Ludicrous! But guess what folks, drones are used in everything from agriculture to traffic control and it is a huge business with nowhere to go but up. Looking for a solid investment? You might want to look through drone manufacturers trading on the open market.

Autonomous, self-driving cars are here, at least first generation models are looking quite promising. It is forecast that within the next four years there will be autonomous cars on the roads, at least in cities. Then there is medical and recreational cannabis. With almost half the states having legalized its use in some form between medical and recreational, you should look into how to invest in marijuana. By next year more than half the country is expected to ‘go legal’ and that means the industry will be highly regulated and there will be big bucks to be made.

In playing the stock market, any successful investor will tell you it’s all about doing your homework. You need to know how to see which trends you should be following, those that have more potential than a quick burst of activity and those are the ones safest to invest in. All others should be researched well and always understand exactly what you are buying into. If you like to gamble, that’s one thing. However, if you want a decent ROI then you had better know your market pretty darn well. Even on the advice of a broker, do your own homework. In the meantime, technology and cannabis stocks  are two stocks sure to soar in the near future. You can take that to the bank.