A $300 Billion Business

Well into 2017 and it doesn’t show sign of stopin’. High-quality content marketing has taken all the buzz this year. It’s rising trend is well expected for the upcoming years and predictions are it will be a $300 billion industry by 2019.

More and more B2C and B2B marketers are channeling their focus towards generating content to attract rather than sticking with traditional advertising. And it’s not just the high usage of ad blockers anymore.

Social media, YouTube and blogs are where most of the internet users spend their time and it’s high time to start reaching out to them

How? Content, of course. 70% of marketers are increasing their investments in content marketing.

King of The Jungle

With Facebook still being the king of the jungle, all other channels have shown a rise in content being published by marketers as well. Most of the people online today are highly visual and like to gather information through photographies and videos. Instagram and Youtube have seen an enormous rise in content marketing activities in only a few months time.

It’s not about creating interesting articles anymore as well. Web pages and blogs are also experiencing a drastic change regarding their attractiveness. Marketers are taking a great deal of energy into building creative and unique pages to showcase and diversify themselves from others.

Infographics and pictures are being used to show certain topic in more creative and imaginative manner. A great example is this one created by people at PointVisible, showing numbers and stats behind the trends described.


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                                                                          By:  Martina Stricak