Tesla’s Home Solar Powered Technology


As a result of the Solar City and Tesla Motors merger, a lot of people are speculating about solar shingles for home roofs by Tesla. The company has already made public its plans for the implementation of total clean energy by pairing its electric vehicle with solar panels. And in October of 2016, the company has launched its new roofing product. And it signaled one thing, and that is building integrated photovoltaic systems will be part of Tesla Energy’s future.


What is Building Integrated Photovoltaic?

Building integrated photovoltaic, or BIPV has been seen as the future of green building design. With this technology, the BIPV replaces materials of the structure to wrap it up with photovoltaic panels. This is different with traditional solar roof installations that attach a PV panel to a building. Installing a BIPV is part of the construction process, instead of just being an afterthought.


What You Need to Know about Solar Shingles for Home Roofs by Tesla

With the introduction of solar shingles for home roofs by Tesla, photovoltaic systems will become a mainstream by removing the aesthetic setbacks that solar panels bring. The solar shingles are integrated into the roofing, which makes it look better, instead of being an unsightly addition to one’s roof.

With the merger with Solar City, Tesla has new resources made available to them. The company solar shingles are made of quartz, which made them more durable and stronger than the traditional roofing materials. This will be one of the selling points of the solar shingles.

By providing competitive advantages in both roofing and solar industries, Tesla hopes to gain a huge share of the market. And with solar panel warranties being one of the selling points for homeowners who want durable and long lasting solar panel systems, Tesla will be able to reach out to more consumers than ever before.

The solar shingles for home roofs by Tesla have four designs. These are slate glass tile, textured glass tile, smooth glass tile, and Tuscan glass tile. With several options to choose from, homeowners will be able to select the solar shingles that are suitable for their homes.

With the solar shingles, there will be no unsightly solar panels on the roof. Homeowners will be able to make solar shingles part of the aesthetic design of their homes. Not only that, the shingles can match the appearance and texture of the roof. They will be seen as integration, instead of an addition.

The cost of solar shingles for home roofs by Tesla is still unclear but expects it to be expensive because the panels are made of quartz that is unbreakable. The good news is that the glass material that shields the solar cells shows a minimal drop in efficiency for the shingle. Those reasons alone will make them worth every dollar spent on Tesla’s solar shingles.