Where is Snapchat heading?


The truth is that it could get rather hard to get a good handle on Snapchat sometimes. This isn’t just because of its very user-hostile design. It’s also due to the fact that it’s a slippery target which keeps on changing particularly quick – the app that you thought you knew a few months or a year ago isn’t the same as the one that you are using tomorrow and that’s a fact.

However, the thing that’s definitely clear is the overall goal of the changes as well as the additions which are made. Namely – the total domination of every single relevant form of social media which uses messages as its main delivery system. The latest tweak came recently with the implementation of additional features which include video calling as well as audio and video messaging, stickers and GIFs. All of the new features are actually blended together in a convenient manner- you can toggle between video as well as audio, send short notes as well as to draw on photos which are shared without any hassle at all.


Audience Acquisition

It is this relevant policy that Snapchat is taking advantage of that brings all the positive effects. Snapchat has managed to acquire quite a lot of new audience by starting with one particularly seamless and much uncomplicated feature – adding photos which disappear automatically. Ever since the company has built upon that in order to cover different aspects of the actual market.


The Second Feature

After Stories, which was most definitely a hit, it was time for something else, and so Discover came up. This allowed media companies as well as advertisers to create personalized and individualized stories on their own. Of course, this revealed huge marketing potential. Right now, the company has added particularly enhanced audio and video calling, photo sharing, and stickers – these are all additions which other messaging apps have already made quite a lot from.

In any case, a lot of people tend to believe that Snapchat isn’t just settling for its target audience. It is firmly believed that the company aims to overtake a wide range of the market without any particular regard for competition. And, if they continue to use their semi-aggressive yet particularly well-crafted strategy of segmentation, there isn’t going to be any stopping them. The truth is that building upon your current position is always better than jumping in the deep and hoping for the best. The company has managed to establish a sound foundation which allows it to keep progressing despite of the dynamic environment.