The Washington Post to Air  Snap Chat Discover  to Increase Audience

In 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington post after paying the price of $US250 million. The Newspaper had previously been dormant and uninteresting to people due to the vague stories and immature content that the previous bosses used to publish before Jeff acquired it. Owing to this unprofessional handling, the newspaper lost many of its customers to other competitors, and by the time Jeff was acquiring it, there was no hop of it growing again. To make this up, Jeff has been venturing into every digital resource trying to ensure that he reaches as maximum people as possible in order to resurrect the thrilling nature of the newspaper.


Recently, the Washington Post Newspaper started airing breaking news and latest events to the Snap chat app considering the fact that is Snap chat is video-based messaging app that people exchange private messages, was this idea of bringing news to snap chat real necessary? Would it create any impact towards increasing the number of audience and creating interest in readers?

Amazon Makes Official Announcement

An official announcement was  recently made  by the newspaper management that they will be airing news everyday through the Discover feature on Snap Chat. The Discover feature was meant to allow users get short video clips, written materials on various phenomenon and other form content from other partners like the CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed among ma many other partners. The Discover feature was introduced in 2015 with an aim to link other Medias so as to supplement the services of Snap Chat to people.

The Washington Post is also boosting the monopoly of being the only media that brings breaking news updates to the Snap Chat multiple times a day. Many other news media post once a day, but the ‘post’ does it multiple times making users to have regular news updates. The big questions that many people are asking is if the news updates idea on snap chat would be convenient for young users or not. Young Users have no interest in using Snap Chat for news updates but rather for exchanging messages and following celebrities like singers, rappers, models and others.


Graphic Utilization to Increase People’s Interest

The latest move by the Washington post on the Discover is the utilization of premium graphics to imitate some of the Trump’s controversial Immigration order. The drawback of this is that it requires people to click and be subjected to long stories of the same subject which many find it inconvenient and time wasting. The Snap Chat experiment, which tries to utilize every digital feature including disturbing articles on Facebook, formatting stories and posting them to mobile users and sharing advertising revenues with its publishing partners has propelled the ‘post’ to great heights. This move has escalated the traffic levels to an extent that they are imposing a threat to competitors like New York Times. The Profits have also risen to reliable levels compared to when Jeff was buying the company.