You’ve probably heard before that you need to save up for holiday expenses. But have you thought about saving all year round? Here are some tips for saving in all seasons.


After the holidays, you may be out of “savings mode.” But it’s still a great time to save money, especially with all the post-holiday sales going on. Here are some tips for saving in wintertime after the holidays:

* Take advantage of post-holiday sales to stock up on next year’s Christmas presents. Christmas-specific items are usually marked down the most, like holiday dishes, snow globes, and other holiday-themed items.

* Look for seasonal food at the grocery store rather than trying to buy summer foods like grapes and strawberries. During the winter, greens like kale are in season and relatively inexpensive, as are winter squash, potatoes, various root vegetables, and citrus fruits. This is also a good time to go for frozen produce.


Warmth is in the air and people are out and about – spring is here! There are ways to save in the springtime, too.

* Retailers are moving their winter inventory out and bringing in the spring and summer fashions, so in early spring you can often find bargains as stores try to clear out their stock.

* If you give Easter gifts, you don’t have to be elaborate. Some homemade goodies in a basket will do fine.

* Try planting your own garden – you may just save a bundle on produce in the months that follow.


It’s hot and the days are long – it’s a great time to save money, especially on produce. Here are some tips.

* Buy seasonal produce like bell peppers, corn, and strawberries and freeze them for the off-season.

* Take advantage of the long days to pull in some extra cash doing yard work for others.

* Look into “staycations” and enjoy some holiday time without spending a lot of money.

* It’s yard sale season – stock up on kids’ clothes and other items for the upcoming school year.


Autumn is a lovely time of year, and many people begin to save for the holidays. But if you’ve been saving all year, there’s no big pressure there. Here are some other ways to save in the fall.

* Take it slow on back-to-school items. You don’t need to get everything for the entire first semester in one shopping trip. Look for sales and low-cost items, and buy only what you need for the first few weeks.

* Raid your closets and take an inventory of all your coats, jackets, boots, etc. before you head out to buy any new ones.

* Do your own yard work and leaf raking to avoid paying others to do it.