PrivaKey For Better Security

Understanding The Digital Identity Service

The recently introduced digital identity service can let you bid goodbye to all the passwords you had for each application. Research has proven that many people have abandoned their accounts online because of the complexity of the login process. As a business, you can make purchasing really convenient for you customers with Privakey. All you need to do is to initiate a partnership with a service that will lead you to a password-free era. This way customer is satisfied from his end as he is not held back through complex password systems. Also, sellers can lead their brands easily towards success through boosting consumer satisfaction.

                                                 Why Choose Privakey?

As a new brand that is gradually establishing itself, Privakey is already famous. This is because it has brought a new definition for cyber security while enhancing consumer experience in online transactions. It is a simple way for consumers to declare their self and verify themselves. It is one universal password for everything which is why it is so convenient. The password that you create through Privakey is a user-only code which is impossible for hackers to identify.

This modern form of security has earned the trust of many leading brands already. When it comes to businesses, Privakey eliminates all the hassle caused by inconsistent login passwords. Customers will definitely love the Omni-channel experience given by this digital identity service. The main identified source of breaching in the online world today is passwords. But, Privakey has secured the entrance of many e-commerce sites very efficiently today.

What’s Wrong with Passwords?

Passwords disturb consumers from enjoying the digital experience completely. Multiple usernames and passwords have made access to technology very complex and difficult to use. According to Privakey, passwords are a shared secret that doesn’t actually protect users. Instead, it provides an avenue for hackers to access vital information related to online transactions. Passwords are a drawback for businesses as complex login requirements discourage users from using their service.

Pass Word Protection

Risk of Passwords in Social Media

Privakey at Fintech Show 2017

Privakey is succeeding in the techno world by providing a unique solution for password problems. They will proudly present themselves and showcase their success so far at the upcoming Fencer Finovate Show. The Fintech show will be held from 11-14th of September 2017 in New York, United States of America. Privakey as a leading digital identity service provider will be proudly attending this show. The birth of this revolutionary company will be brought to light on these days while providing the functionality of Privakey.


So, it is evident that Privakey is the ideal solution that will soon replace the complex, inconsistent login systems which use passwords. This is because passwords do not protect what they are meant to protect and is easy for hackers to break through. Modern Privakey has attracted customers as well as businesses through its unified code that is hard to be breached. It overcomes all the drawbacks related to usage of many passwords that reduces user satisfaction. So, you don’t have to worry about cyber attacks anymore as Privakey will let you engage in online activities conveniently.