PixarBio Introducing Non-addictive Non-Opiate Pain Treatment

Pain can be debilitating and can limit your productivity, or generally speaking, your quality of life. After having knee, hip, or shoulder injury, for instance, while the main problem can be resolved because of advancements in medical technology, it is undeniable that pain will most likely be present. Conditions such as epilepsy, among others, can also lead into excruciating pain. In these instances, PixarBio aims to get the patients covered. The company specializes in the research and development of new technologies that are primarily aimed towards the treatment of pain. The company is an industry-leader when it comes to non-opiate and non-addicting treatments for pain.  

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This is one of the most advanced products that have been developed by PixarBio so far. This is a morphine-strength drug that is non-opiate and non-addicting, making it a promising solution for pain treatment. This is especially targeted to become a post-surgical pain drug, especially for people who have undergone knee, hip, and shoulders surgery, as well as almost 40 other surgical procedures. The product is expected to be a big hit since surgeons prefer treating pain without resorting to morphine, and patients, on the other hand, are looking for post-operative pain treatments that are non-addicting.

By 2018, PixarBio anticipates that FDA will already release their approval of NeuroRelease. Several studies are also being planned in order to gather clinical evidence that will prove the efficacy of the product in treating pain.

To demonstrate further commitment towards advancing pain treatment, the company is also developing a Sprinke-On version of this product. The latter will exist in the form of powder, which can be sprinkled on the wounds and incision in order to reduce the pain that is felt. There is also a pending patent application for this product.

In order to support the efforts for NeuroRelease, PixarBio has just recently announced that they are providing the public with an opportunity to own shares through a $20-million Private Placement. 10,000,000 shares will be issued at a price of $2 per share.


This is an injectable product that has been developed by the company for neuro protection and regeneration of the spinal cord following an injury. Frank Reynolds, the company’s CEO, has received several distinctions for the development of this product, such as 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from National Spine Injury Association and 2011 Apple Award for Primate SCI Research. This has raised the bar for research and development within such field.

Indeed, the company is a leader in its own field. With the development of these products aimed towards providing successful pain treatments, the company is seeking not only for further research but also for funding in order to sustain their efforts, which is why, as mentioned; they have recent offered their shares to the public. investment information


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