Wall Street Research Introduces  Paula Deen Investment Opportunity to South Florida

Phoenix Hospitality & Entertainment, Inc. was established in August 2016 in Delaware to capitalize on the desire of global consumers to participate in the celebrity culture.

Phoenix Hospitality is partnering with Paula Deen to monetize her fan loyalty and extensive social media following by further extending her brand into the restaurant and retail space. Historically, celebrities have monetized their notoriety by entering into licensing or sponsorship deals for merchandise. Phoenix Hospitality is working with Paula Deen to leverage her brand and social media followers to initially build a successful chain of Paula Deen restaurants and retail throughout the southeast region of the United States and potentially nationally. These restaurants will be located in high-density tourist destinations and captured markets such as airports and casinos. The locations for these ventures are being carefully chosen so that they will be successful due to their fundamentals; i.e. high traffic, premium location, limited supply of competing outlets, etc. Their success, however, should be turbocharged by the Paula Deen overlay.

Investor Capital Being Raised

Up to $16 million of investor capital is being sought over a three-year period to provide the capital base (with another approximately $17.4 million of profit reinvested over the first three years) for the development and opening of approximately seven Paula Deen themed restaurant and retail concepts.

As shown in the attached pro forma, after opening of the first seven restaurant and retail concepts, there is material cash flow available for distribution
to PDRI Group, growing the business and/or positioning the company for sale or taking it public, all options which would provide extraordinary returns to PDRI Group.

In pursuit of the development plan, Phoenix Hospitality has entered into definitive documents with Paula Deen Ventures to monetize Paula Deen’s fan loyalty and extensive social media followings by expanding her highly successful street restaurant and retail footprint in Savannah, GA and Pigeon Forge, TN throughout the United States, with the first phase of restaurant and retail expansion focused in the South, including, but not limited to, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, and the Washington D.C. metro area.

Paula Deen Restaurants Home Cooking

Paula Deen will fully engage her existing, and future individual domain assets in these areas, to promote the restaurants, including social media and any and all media appearances or events, endorsements, corporate relationships and other publicity.   This business platform is being led by hospitality and restaurant executives with over 40 years of experience collectively in the industry. The executive leadership are recent former officers of the Delaware North Companies, a privately held company with over $3 billion in revenue and more than 60,000 associates on 4 continents providing dining and other hospitality services in diverse spaces, including, street restaurants, hotels, casinos, sports stadia, airports, rest stops, cultural institutions and Disney.

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