GEE group started back in 1893 as a set of employment offices and has now grown into a specialized staffing solutions provider after being incorporated in the state of Illinois in 1962. 

What does the GEE group do? 

The GEE group operates in two major segments of the staffing industry. They provide professional staffing solutions and services in the fields of information technology, finance, accounting, engineering, and commercial staffing. These services are provided by the GEE group under the names of General Employment, Access Data Consulting, Agile Resources, Ashley Ellis, Omni-One, Paladin Consulting, and Triad. The other half of the services provided by the GEE group includes direct hire and contract professional staffing services through the SNI brands including Accounting Now®, Legal Now®, SNI Technology®, SNI Financial®, SNI Energy®, Staffing Now®, and SNI Certes. 

GEE group has recently entered the healthcare sector. Under the name of the Scribe Solutions brand, they provide medical scribes who provide assistance to physicians working in the emergency departments of healthcare facilities. 

How big is the GEE Group? 

You can get an idea of how massive the GEE group is by having a look at the revenue figures of the various parts of the company. These include $152 billion revenue from the project staffing industry in the year 2019 and a 3% projected increase in the revenue for the same year. The revenue from temporary staffing in the year 2019 is estimated to be near $131 billion. 

Outsourcing, a win-win situation for the GEE Group 

At the level where the GEE group is today, a company cannot simply do all the work they have on their own and need to outsource the work. Outsourcing is adopted because one company cannot specialize in all sorts of work. So, the work is divided into smaller portions and is distributed among smaller companies and brands that specialize in a particular subset of the tasks. The GEE group has followed this approach, and it has turned out to be very good for them. The GEE group only deals with the client, and the actual work is carried out by the brands to whom they outsource their projects. In this way, they can focus more on their own growth rather than being stuck in doing a lot of work. 

If you want to see the share price and performance of the GEE group on the stock market, you can do that here

Here are some of the brands that GEE group outsources its work to: 

Access Data 

If GEE group has to provide Information Technology professionals to a client, they use the services of Access Data to acquire and appoint such professionals. 


Agile is a novel IT staff provider and consulting firm that helps appoint technology leaders. 

Ashley Ellis 

Ashley Ellis is a nationwide staffing and recruiting firm that specializes in providing IT professionals, among others. 

SNI Hospitality 

If the GEE group has to entertain a hotel client, they use the services of SNI to hire top-notch hospitality managers and hotel operations, teams. 

These are just some examples of the companies the GEE group works with to hire staff for their clients and there are a lot of other companies with their own specialized niches.