The Howard Davis Jr. Foundation to assist others in their fight against the disease


An American boxing icon is in the biggest fight of his life—against Stage-4 Lung Cancer.

Howard Davis Jr. won the Gold Medal in boxing during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal Canada.  He is known for having one of the fastest hands in boxing and is one of the most decorated amateur boxers in US history.  He broke records in the ring, but is now trying to knock-out cancer.  Earlier this year; Davis Jr. was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer on the week of his 59th birthday.


Never one to back down from a fight; Davis Jr. has recently established the Howard Davis Jr. Foundation ( to be a source for educating, financing and encouraging others to get into the ring and clobber cancer, the alternative way!


“I never smoked, I never drank,” says Howard Davis Jr., 1976 Boxing Olympic Gold Medalist, whose recent announcement of his diagnose has many saying, Cancer has met its match!  “I’ve gotten into the ring with a lot of tough fighters and I’m facing this the same way!”


Davis has turned to conventional cancer treatment combined with alternative therapies for advanced stage cancers, consisting of maximum-tolerated dose chemotherapy, nutritional and other therapeutic interventions to keep up hemoglobin levels.


A series of events will be planned including the inaugural fundraising VIP Fight against Cancer dinner and Auction with a Howard Davis Jr. meet and greet, at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, August 15th as well as a comedy fundraiser near his hometown in Westbury, NY on August 19th.

Please visit for more information on sponsorships, donating auction items and ways to get involved with this organization.  For Media inquiries, contact   You can also call 954-848-2833


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