Vacation in Russia


Russia is an enigmatic and beautiful country; the dome of the cathedral, the literary ingenuity that is highlighting the soul of the culture, the cruelty of the Soviet system and the magnificence of the Czar have all captivated the interest of different travelers.  Today the Soviet facilities have been replaced with art galleries in most part of the cities.  Russia has fascinated generation of travelers over the past years.  Access to the country is still relatively difficult where accommodation needs to be booked in advanced, and VISA acquisition is obligatory.  However, the number of independent travels has dramatically increased over the last few years.


Travel Guide on Russia


For those who are planning to visit this enchanting country and immerse themselves on the profound local culture, here are some travel tips that may help you.




Must Visit Places in Russia


Travelers who are planning to visit Russia may want to see the best attraction that the country can offer.  Major tourist destinations include the Russian cathedrals with their unique onion dome, the enthralling landscape, St. Petersburg Palace, and Kremlin.  For the first timers who haven’t got enough time to visit all the destinations be sure to include the city of Moscow and Saint Petersburg on your travel itinerary.


The Perfect Time to Visit

There are many interesting destination regardless of the season and the month of the year.  The winter season in Russia is virtually cold.  The cold breeze during December is bearable especially in Moscow, but for those who are travelling to the eastern part of the country, make certain that you will take thick winter clothes with you.  The winter season is the perfect time to visit the museums, join the national festivals and watch the performance at the theater.  This season is also the ideal season for the budget travelers.  Accommodation during the winter months tends to be much cheaper.

Early Spring

The early spring is like the winter.  The temperature is starting to increase except in the mountain regions.  You will notice that the greens are starting to appear and there is a refreshing scent present in the air.  For those who are planning to go to the local parks, late spring would be the perfect time to travel.


Summer allows you to visit all destinations in Russia.  You may enjoy the mix of old and modern world at Moscow, or you may enjoy the breathtaking view of the scenery at Kamchatka, Altai, and Siberia.  This is the time when you can appreciate the nature of Russia such as the Lake Baikal.  Autumn season is equally nice for the travelers in Russia.  The weather is super fine, and you are starting to see a mix of yellow, brown, red and orange.  Try to take a cruise at the Volga River which will allow you to see the picturesque view of the city.

Take the Proper Clothes and Gear for your Russian Travel Adventure

Finally, do not forget to equip yourself with the appropriate gear.  During winter, layered clothing, waterproof footwear, and hats are ideal.  Autumn and spring has occasional rain showers so take a rainproof jacket with you.  Be sure to create a list of essential to take with  you on your travels to Russia.