Booking Services from Facebook Messenger


One of the most widely used social media platform is Facebook with millions and millions of active users. It’s a great platform for connecting people, marketing products and services and keeping up to date with the current events. One of the best innovations connected to the platform is the introduction of a marketplace. This marketplace makes it possible for you to book a handyman or a house painter through Facebook’s Messenger app.


Convenient in Scheduling Appointments with the Messenger App

Imagine being able to get an instant quote and being able to book a handyman from your Facebook’s messenger app. This is possible with the platform that takes care of home owners looking for home services professionals. There are many advantages to this platform such as being home to professionally trained handymen, getting instant quotes on the services you require and scheduling an appointment there and then.


Facebook Was Not to Make Money Initially

Initially, Facebook was not to make money, but its main purpose was to turn the app into a mobile hub that would offer e-commerce services. This partnership with has been of great use, and convenience as homeowners do not have to leave work or the house to get a handyman to fix a leaking toilet, sink or ceiling. Within minutes, they have a quotation, and an appointment has already been scheduled.


Facebook Messenger App Promotes e-Commerce

Businesses are being transacted online, and as Facebook improves the experience of its over 700 million users, it made it possible for online commerce. This is after its announcement that besides chatting and scheduling appointments with home improvement service providers, it would be possible to send money through the Messenger app. This is of great convenience for those doing businesses online.

Facebook is Wooing More Users

As competition rises every day, through this marketplace for scheduling appointments with handymen, the social media platform is not only attracting new users looking for convenience, but it is a way of keeping the existing ones. WeChat, developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd in Asia has greatly influenced the introduction of various services on Facebook’s Messenger app. Initially, the service could only be used by homeowners in San Francisco and Seattle.

Despite Facebook Messenger app having come in handy to many consumers who get house painters and handymen through the app, just like any other business, competition has been very high. Technologies having changed the way we request services, people have become more tech savvy, and this is how this marketplace by Facebook has become popular. It has also helped handymen and startup companies offering home improvement services earn some good money.