New Tech Gadgets to Look Forward This 2017


A new year has already come, and in the tech industry, this means that we should expect new gadgets to come.  With a wide list of amazing gadgets that is slated to be released this year, choosing the top new gadgets will be challenging.  We decided to create a list of new tech products that embodies a powerful sense of technology combined with creative vision.  These products have made it into our list due to their revolutionary engineering and superb industrial design.


Galaxy S8

Samsung is still trying to recover from their disaster with the Note 7, and experts believe that the Galaxy S8 will help them recover their lost glory.  While most of the stuff we know about the Galaxy S8 is still uncertain, the new virtual assistant that will rival the Siti of Apple devices makes it one  of the best gadget this 2017.  This Virtual assistant has been designed by the same people behind Siti.  In addition, Samsung has been trying to design a bendable phone over the past few years, and this is probably the year that we will be able to see this innovation.


Surface Phone

The CEO of Microsoft recently stated that the company is starting to work on the ultimate smartphone.  Fans are quick to assume that it is a surface phone since it is the only thing missing from their list of surface gadgets.    This latest innovation of the company is projected to be released this 2017.  It is expected to have the same metal body similar with the other surface tech device and will run on an operating system of Windows 10 using an emulator when it is attached to an external mouse, monitor, and keyboard.


Vive  ll  Headset


About a year has past when HTC has decided to focus in creating VR-related tech gadgets.  The plan seems risky, but they managed to amass a strong amount of followings since they started with the VR technology last 2016.  This 2017, the company will released vive ll  which will allow the user to use the headset wirelessly.   HTC is also believed to incorporate their latest offering with revolutionary integrated solutions.


Smart watches Android Wear 2


It was a bleak 2016 for the smart watches, but Google is not giving up as it will release a new set of smart watches running on the Android Wear 2.0.  This is the upgraded version of the operating system of smart watches which will allow the user to download, install and run apps using their smart watches through Wi-Fi, cellular data, and Bluetooth.    It is expected to be released around mid-2017.   These are just some of the standout among the huge list of tech gadgets that is scheduled to be released this 2017. Keep up to date  with all the latest developments in Technology by visiting our website and signing up for our new Wall Street Gadgets Newsletter.