The Great Vegas Domain Event of 2017


NamesCon has worked  within the World of Domains to established itself as the “ Platinum Event” of the domain industry. Each year, more and more attend this remarkable conference where individuals, groups, and companies of all kinds  from all over the world attend this unique conference to see “What’s New” in the world of Domain Names. This year the crowds are expected to exceed 2000 attendees, and presenters as the year of 2017 Namescon Conference gets underway in this rapidly changing industry. The NamesCon Event will be held again in Las Vegas where all subjects relating to the internet and Domain Names, online branding , digital marketing, domain monetization, IP protection, things regarding internet naming  and domain buying/selling.

Meet the most well know people in the industry

With the main focus being on the networking, and discussions with others about ideas, concepts, and sharing a vison of the future. Such names as JOTHAN FRAKES, Co-Founder of NAMESCON, MICHAEL CYGER, DOMAINSHERPA, MORGAN LINTON, BOLD METRICS  and ADAM STRONG, EVERGREEN make it certain that you will meet some of THE MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE AT THE EVENT ! Enjoy interacting with these people and expand your understanding and knowledge with introductions to these valuable contacts. The internet domain industry has never been as busy as it is today. Invest in yourself and your network at NamesCon, happening this week in Las Vegas.

An EPIK Event for Some

This year there will be such presenters at the NamesCon Event such as EPIK DOMAINS, with their team coming in from their Headquarters in the State of Washington, and from around the world to attend and present at this year’s Namescon Event in Las Vegas. Rob Monster and his team from EPIK is world renowned for its Legendary Customer Support Services, and the professionalism they bring to the Domain Industry. EPIK knows that most of the best domains have long been registered, meaning that a good domain will often require buying from an existing registrant. Epik provides a safe platform for buying a domain with unmatched purchase protection. In many cases, you are able to purchase your domain directly through the Epik Marketplace with instant fulfillment of your order. In cases where instant fulfillment is not available, Epik will guide you through the purchase process. Discover the many presenters, and individual involved in the Domain Industry at this years EPIK DOMAIN EVENT.


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