Learn all about Moven and its Amazing Potential

 In case you want to cooperate with a team full of technologists, designers and strategists then you should learn more about Moven. This is the best way to attempt to bring banking operations to the digital era. With all that mobile apps, all clients would prefer to have complete control of their banking in their mobile phones.

 Moven app is a ground breaking platform specially designed for mobiles so that the whole experience can be totally changed and evolved. The main goal of this platform is to connect all of the bank features to the most passionate and engaging clients. If you have a financial or retail institution, this is the best platform for you and your clients.

 What Is Moven ?

 Moven is the number one real-time mobile money platform. This app allows you to spend or move your money from the comfort of your own smartphone. You will get instant feedback and notifications for all your transactions as well.

 Unlike other apps that make you feel overwhelmed, Moven is the ideal one for all people, no matter where they are. This way you can actually save, manage and spend your money wisely and smart. This app will make your life a lot easier.

 Direct Deposit

 You can always email yourself and make a direct deposit straight from Moven. The easy to handle menu will help you manage your accounts at all times, whether you are at home or on the run. Manage all of your accounts at once, without having to pay additional fees.


 Finovate is the ultimate convention for all ground breaking ideas. This amazing conference will be showcasing all the important and innovative new ideas on the business field. All apps and business ideas will be exclusively about high technology in banking and financial ideas and practices. All the different companies and startups will have the chance to present their ideas and models in a short demo format.

 Additional Information

 Finovate will be hosted at the New York Hilton Midtown, 11th – 14th September. Make sure you attend the full program from 8:00 am so that you can have breakfast and learn more about Moven and its great features and options.



 All you have to do is attend the Finovate Event Conference, and you will get to see all the great traits of this platform. This amazing solution will offer to your clients the best banking products for a high-quality service and features.

 Ground Breaking Presence

 If you believe you have also a new product that you want to incorporate to this platform, all you have to do is talk it through with your new partners. Make your presentation or sign up your new business to the convention and let everyone know about you and your new idea.



 This platform has already been tested in the market place and has been very successful. You can see the real-time projection of the platform and take into consideration all the extra cost as well. See you at Finovate September 12 2017