Medical Marijuana

Sometime in 2014, five year old Summer Handler who suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome received liquefied droplets of cannabis and this was the first time since she was two and a half months old to have lasted an entire day without a single seizure.

Bear in mind that sometime back, summer was prescribed to take over 20 different types of pills a day and while they managed to control her seizures, these pills left her unable to do anything on her own because of the resulting side effects.

Non-Psychoactive Marijuana

However, a special form of marijuana that is non-psychoactive (with zero ability to get her high), has enabled her to regain her mobility – allowing her to go out and play with other youngsters like herself. Summer and millions of other people from around the globe suffering from different types of illnesses, are enjoying the benefits of high content CBD.

Cannabinoids or CBD are part of the two core elements that make up marijuana, the other one is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC –the psychoactive element in marijuana.


Medical Marijuana Advancements

Among the most admired advancements of 21st century in the progressing narrative of medical marijuana is the innovation of new ways of administering the drug to patients – devoid of smoke. These include liquefaction, vaporization, converting it into pills/tablets/capsules, cooking, tinctures, sprays etc.

These present just a few developments that have made a serious impact, especially when dealing with infants who’d have health problems with the smoke. On the other hand, there are growing numbers of ailments that scientists are discovering everyday that show high likelihood of medical marijuana curing or managing them.

There were times where if a sufferer needed to use medical marijuana, not only did he find himself getting high but also had to inhale the drug. Whether you’re smoking cigarettes or marijuana, you inhale dangerous substances into your lungs and your respiratory system.

Cooking marijuana involves use of butter, which entraps essential chemical substances and then applied on any food of choice by the patient. For those who smoke, marijuana releases 111 different chemical compounds while those who consume it in vaporized form obtain 5 compounds.

To date, apart from marijuana, there hasn’t been any other competing drug documented to have roused the scientific curiosity greatly while causing social and political stirs that make people question every negative aspect taught against it in this century.

Marijuana has had the ability to raise heated controversies among people and governments (Business Insider 2014) and even now, you can find debates sprouting almost everywhere. Arguments revolve around health benefits that could potentially save the universe from incurable, deadly ailments like cancer – these conversations are not just garnering traction within the scientific circles alone as evidenced in the above statements.

These conversations have also proven to be weightier, more complex and not singularly focused on just legalization. Hence, all these factors and others point that Medical Marijuana could be the Ultimate Drug of the 21st Century.


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