New markets in Asia and Europe

Despite the recent changes happening across the world, the global market is still providing corporations and businesses with the perfect platform to grow. New markets in Asia and Europe are offering plenty of opportunities for businesses. Some corporations are already embracing these new opportunities and setting up operations in different parts of Asia.

This level of growth could only lead to one thing: a spike in the job market. In fact, experts are already predicting a jump in recruitment numbers and job opportunities for specialists. Your online MBA degree is about to become more valuable now that companies are seeking to fill key positions in new markets.

Venturing into Asia

Asia is a hot market to explore these days. China recently attracted over $800 billion worth of investment from Saudi Arabia, officially opening its market to global corporations. Although a lot of companies are still cautious about entering the Chinese market for a number of reasons, the market is still too good to ignore.

India is also becoming an emerging market to pay close attention to. The nation now has more than 1.2 billion people, making it the second largest single-country market in the world, just behind China’s 1.3 billion population. Add the fact that India has a very capable workforce and you have the perfect home for many companies.

Other countries, mainly those in Southeast Asia, are just as lucrative. Indonesia is expanding its tourism industry, while countries like Malaysia and Singapore are relying on its finance and technology landscapes to attract more investments. We’re seeing big names such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs already venturing into these markets.

Key Positions to Fill

There are reasons why MBA degree holders will play important roles in these expansions. For starters, US- and Europe-based companies still prefer to have their own men handling key operations in new markets. Instead of recruiting a local director, for instance, corporations still prefer to pick someone who is already working for the company to fill the role.

Of course, a master’s degree in business administration is more than just a degree. The course is designed to help professionals master critical skills such as international marketing and supply chain management. These key skills will prove to be crucial in entering – and succeeding in – new markets, especially markets in Asia.

Opportunities for More

If you want to take advantage of the growing opportunities and the bright career paths offered by these expansions, pursuing a master’s degree now is a great idea. Universities such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology are opening their online MBA programs to more students. Studying for an online masters in business administration means you can continue working a full-time job while pursuing the degree.

The timing is perfect, too. An online MBA can be acquired in as little as 15 months, which means the job market will be filled with amazing opportunities by the time you are finished. All you have to do is make that first step today. Enroll in a reputable MBA program and be ready for the opportunities of the future.