Legacy Education Alliance Inc. (LEAI)


Legacy Education Alliance Inc. has established itself as a leading global education and training provider in a variety of fields including entrepreneurship, strategies, and techniques on investing in financial markets, personal finance and real estate. The company which is credited with providing top quality, value based practical education announced its financial results for the three months ending in June 2016, the second quarter of its financial year.

Read on to find out more about this promising company that has been experiencing continuous growth over the years while also spreading its wings across the globe.



A Brief History of Legacy Education Alliance

Legacy Education Alliance Inc. was started back in 1996. On its way to becoming a top-performing global educational provider, the company has hit a variety of milestones. The company has served over two million students during this time. It currently employs over two hundred employees. All these numbers are drawn from its global operations, under which over 150 territories and countries have been served. Even today, the company is still striving to do more by opening new offices in more countries across the world, therefore extending their reach to potential clients.

Legacy Education Alliance Inc. Brands

The company offers its acclaimed training programs through a variety of brands including Elite Business Star, its latest brand that is receiving a lot of attention; Brick Buy Brick, Making Money from Property with Martin Roberts; Rich Dad Education; Women in Wealth; Rich Dad Stock Education; Building Wealth; The Independent Woman; Robbie Fowler Property Academy; Trade Up Investor. You can learn more about all these brands by visiting the company’s website.

As you can see the company has come up with a variety of products to ensure that they provide relevant and in demand education and training to their clients. This product diversification has also resulted in the development of numerous sustainable revenue streams for the company.

Financial Performance Highlights

One of the reasons why Legacy Education Alliance Inc. has continued on a path of success over the years is its consistent performance in a financial sense. From the second quarter results filed by the company for the period ending June 2016, we can see a lot of positive growth in revenue, and a noticeable reduction in administrative costs. Although the company was forced to adjust their revenue numbers with regard to revenue recognition policy changes in relation to DVD fulfillment, there were some marginal gains in revenue and net profit compared to the previous year.
Going forward, the effect of the DVD fulfillment on company revenues is bound to be less significant. This means that investors can expect the company to file higher revenue figures provided that all supporting factors hold.