New Technologies to Look Out for in 2017


More technology gurus keep on emerging everyday with the best tech devices and applications. The reason why people welcome technological inventions is because they simplify work, enhance safety and increase the efficiency of services in our everyday life. Although technological inventions have had their fair share of draw backs, it is evident that they are helping the world at a high level in almost every aspect. From communication industry, automobile industry to educational and research industry, there are a lot of inventions that people can benefit from. Below are some of the latest and adorable methods.


The 3D printed Car


This technology has come as relief to the car manufacturing companies since people can design and make 3D car plans that can easily be implemented. Ideally, a normal car should have at least 2,000 parts which is not only daunting to assemble but also very expensive to purchase all these parts. The 3D printing process enables car construction with as little as 40 parts. Everything in the design is rationalized thereby making this method of car designing to be economical and time saving. Car enthusiasts can create designs of customized cars, send them to the manufacturers and get their car delivered to their door step within less than a week.


The Latest Car GPS Tracking


This is not like the normal tracking system that shows you the direction of cities only. You can do a lot with this kind of tracking system because it is well packed. Find the prices of fuel on any town you enter, find the best restaurants and hotels where you can relax, Look at the traffic status of every road that you can use and get audio visual services as you drive on the busy street to avoid compromising your driving experience. The new GPS tracking system is made in way that is going to allow you drive in new towns while you are well and perfectly informed. Through the smart box feature, insurance companies can monitor the driving habit of their clients.


The Water Mill


If these machines spread quickly, many people would forego the borehole digging method. These machines change air into fresh and purified water that people can drink without boiling. They have been proven to work well when the atmospheric air gets saturated that is when there is plenty of available water in the air that can be captured for human usage. Other surprising inventions is the invention of a house that walks which people can cook and sleep while walking around the streets and the vein identification invention that allows people to access building through the scanning of their hands. The palm square is one of security devices that utilizes the vein detection technology.