New JavaScript Libraries


The perfect blend of JavaScript with CSS can create beautifully dynamic WebPages. These user-friendly WebPages have long since replaced Flash-derived designs. But creating a website based on JavaScript does not mean you need to write every chunk of code from the scratch. You can always turn to one of the most reliable libraries for help.

The increasing demand for JavaScript gave rise to the need for an easier way out. This gave birth to a number of JS libraries including jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, Webix, MooTools and Prototype. But soon, these libraries became the Mecca for all website designers and the codes became really over-used. Almost every working website borrowed codes from these well known archives. Soon, there arose a need for creating more evolved and alternative JS libraries that could cater to the needs of designers.


You may have heard about node more than once in the last couple of days but that’s simply because it’s one of the fastest growing libraries of all times. Node JS enables you to manage all local packages right from the command line.

Node is the plinth of a number of open source projects including Mocha.js and Sail.js. In reality, Node is a full development toolkit that works in amazing coordination with other tools including Gulp.

If you haven’t checked out Node yet, you have no idea what goodies you are missing out on.


Riot is the top choice for a number of website designing professionals who are interested in creating a powerful digital interface library for all front-end development.

If you have tried and loved React, you may just fall in love with Riot as well. Riot is a much user friendly alternative that gives you access to a virtual DOM with simpler syntax demand


Although it isn’t powered by Facebook just yet, Riot is definitely a strong contender in the JS race.


D3.JS is a wonderful archive filled with codes that can work with SVG and canvas elements. You can use codes to render graphs and dynamic visualizations on the web.

The demand for data visualization is on the rise and D3.JS endeavors to meet the needs of every developer working for tomorrow. It is one of the most powerful visualization tools of the day on the JS platform. And it is also completely free!


Keystone is the desirable library if you want to become a part of the next-gen native apps. Keystone already powers quite a few CSS and JS based websites that include healthcare portals, medical and dental profiles and professional portfolios.

Keystone offers extended compatibility that makes sure your website stays in tune with the latest SEO and marketing plug-in. Although it is only v0.3, it does offer unique compatibility features that make it worth checking out.


All platforms can be integrated to Meteor. This proves how powerful and dynamic this open source project is. It has powered a number of JS-based applications that include social communities, real-time chat applications, dashboards, forums for discussion of medical issues, appointment books for dentists and much more.

Meteor also powered a social news framework called Telescope. A combination of codes from React and Meteor lets you create perfectly working social voting, news and chat websites from the scratch.

Web VR

This is a unique collection of codes that caters to the needs of the next-gen VR developers. With the advent of the VR era, a number of websites and applications need to be updated and optimized for VR. Web VR caters to the needs of all coders who aspire to make their creations optimized for VR technology.

You can access and work on Web VR from Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, but Web VR is still in the development stage. You may face quite a few glitches while working on Web VR. But then again, it is indeed one-of-a-kind and it is also open source. This gives you ample opportunities to experiment and perfect your work for VR technology.


Three.JS is one of the pioneers that provide must-have codes for 3d animation. The website itself is a huge collection of live examples of 3D animations. You can create quite a few impressive elements using codes from Three.JS; for example — motion sensitive backgrounds and dynamic user-end elements that incorporate 3D animation.

Three.JS is equipped enough to help you create any kind of 3D effect. You can even check out about a few hundred examples from the website itself to derive inspiration for your new project.


Functional programming has been brought into the mainstream with libraries like Omniscient.JS. This is an open source collection of JS codes that enables top-down rendering of all front end components. Omniscient allows you to write JS codes and work in coordination with other UI libraries like React.

This is a domain for developers who have a few years experience and are looking for something more that the regular front-end rendering for their new projects. When used in coordination with React, Omniscient can rapidly change your developmental workflow.


This is an out of the box UI library that offers two-way binding for all kinds of template elements. You can construct new templates and template elements that help you bind to the Reactive functions in JS. You can create your own template for online stores, online libraries, photographer profiles and medical/dental portfolios with Reactive.

Although it is a well stocked library, it has something for every level of developers. If you are a beginner looking for the right start, you should definitely check out Reactive for a plethora of JS and HTML syntaxes.

Each of these 9 libraries has something unique to offer to the JS community. If you like playing around with JS and want a strong support, do check out each of the libraries before proceeding with your next web development project.

Author Bio: David Hollander is an experienced UI designer. He has authored a remarkable number of articles featuring HTML and CSS coding techniques. He has created a satisfying number of websites for professionals like photographers, artists, doctors and journalists that have dedicated SEO features. He is the guru of integrated features like medial SEO, artist SEO, author SEO and dental SEO tools for these websites.