PowerPoint Developed by Salesforce for Wall Street Cheat Sheet

WallStreet.com is democratizing access to financial information for the younger generation, paving the way for millennials to grow financially with knowledge provided from Wallstreet.com

• Desire to be the WebMD of financial services

• Phase 1 plan is to establish trust around WallStreet.com brand, sustain web traffic, and begin to build a

loyal following

• Meet millennials where they are: initial marketing/communications channels will be mobile app, web,

social, and advertising

• Drive individuals to the website and app through all stages of a customer/prospect lifecycle and

capture information about them along the way, allowing further segmentation, retargeting and data collection

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Understanding the customer’s needs

Unified View of the Consumer

Connect data across multiple sources and devices

Trusted Data

Capture and activate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data

Relevant Audience Segments

Discover, build, and reach new audience segments

Measurement and Analytics

Understand and action cross-channel consumer behavior

Einstein-Powered Experiences

Orchestrate every interaction with the power of AI

Intelligent and Actionable Insights

Listen, interpret, and respond to consumer intent

Right Content, Right Channel

Personalize based on attributes, preferences, and location

Consumer Rights and Trust

Create authentic communications based on consent

Wall Street Media Power Point

Wall Street Media Co, Inc. is a publicly-traded company on the OTCQB, symbol WSCO https://wallstreetmediaco.net/stockquote/?symbol=wsco

and is fully reporting and current in its filings with the SEC and OTC Markets, Ready to move to NASDAQ

As a public company, the authorized shares are 200 million and is currently trading at a market cap of 5 million.

WSCO is tightly held and only a small amount of shares are in the public float, the balance of the stock is held by upper-level management. The current owners of WSCO have expressed an interest in selling the majority interest of the company to Motley Fool for the purpose of expanding their reach globally through a publicly-traded company that will allow individuals to invest in the stock that will be traded on the NASDAQ.

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Intellectual Property

Market Opportunity

Global Reach

Competitive Landscape


Company Milestones

Funding Requirements

Financial Projections

ROI & Exit Plan

Through its 4 Wall Street Websites, it provides a snapshot of the most important information that affects the financial industry:

Stock market quotes and graphs

Brokerage trading platform

Global economy and world markets

Top new stories

Politics and world news

Currency and precious metals

Licensing and continuing education

Wall Street Media Co. Inc. is situated within the thriving financial information sector and looks to build
partnerships with companies of the utmost quality. Wall Street Media Co chooses to focus its efforts
to concentrate on the News and Media related to the financial internet sector, as a highly concentrated
source of relative financial content. People of every country on a Global scale perpetually need financial
internet communications to keep up to date on the latest in financial information and available
technologies. These sources are agitated through affiliations with advanced technology, and advanced
artificial intelligence sourcing that can analyze any new and up to the minute financial information. With
our internet professionals and well-trained IT specialists working on a variety of highly visible new
information sources for our company and its related financial websites, including the Wall Street Empire
which owns 4 dynamic WallStreet.com Domain names with the Trademarks. Wall Street Media Co has
developed the means to detect and attain the best companies with the most beneficial services to the
internet world of finance and related information.
The prominent goal motivating Wall Street Media Co is to discover the hidden assets of the financial
internet sector and reveal them to the world through state-of-the-art languages translators, and the 4
websites with the WallStreet.com Digital Brand and generating the most complete snapshot of the
Financial Industry through our WallStreet.com websites. Our goal is to provide Wall Street information
in the New Era Post Pandemic world crisis through that has brought us all closer together and using our
state-of-the-art Language Translator System to reach every county in the world with our
information. The world will never be the same since March of 2020 and WALL STREET is now in the
“CLOUD” AND AVAILABLE TO ALL CITIZENS WORLDWIDE. By the internal development within the
company, as well as outsourcing to powerful affiliates and partner companies, Wall Street Media Co
continues to expand the horizon of possibilities for people around the world to use this valuable source
of financial information for personal use. In today’s modern world, Internet services and related
technology need to be constantly updated and recalibrated to ensure that we can provide the most
proficient and best use of Technology and Information. Wall Street Media Co, Inc. scans the market for
companies that utilize the most up to date and technologies and financial information the world has to
offer. The ultimate goal of Wall Street Media Co, is to build affiliations and relationships with companies
throughout the internet world that have something unique to offer to both the consumer and the
businesses involved in the financial services and related industries of disseminating this information to
the internet world. Through Wall Street Media Co and its affiliation with one of the industry’s leaders in
Domain Names, and such companies as Quote/Media a leading provider of financial content, Wall
Street Media Co continues to develop the potential, and explore other fields of the financial sector
beyond the boundaries of the usual conforming standards of the industry. There are numerous sectors
and hundreds of niche markets within the financial internet industry today. This allows us to further our
possibilities for building the most powerful and effective financial websites and affiliate website
portfolios in the world of financial markets today. Our branding of the world-famous name of Wall
Street with our 4 trademarked “WallStreet.com” Domains gives us the highly recognized value of this
Iconic name and the foundation by which the company will continue to expand on a global basis.
Since 1984, Wall Street Media Co, through its predecessor company, Wall-Street.com LLC performed an
exclusive IR service for a very select and limited group of some of the largest and best-known companies
on Wall Street through our “Fastest-Growing Companies”, “Shareholder Friendly Companies” and
“Exceptional Companies” investor relations programs. Wall Street Media Co IR Programs have been so
well received by IR and Wall Street professionals that most Programs became “oversubscribed” shortly
after becoming available. Some of Wall Street Media Co’s best-know larger alumni include Amgen,
Applied Materials, Biogen, BMC Software, Cooper Companies, Genentech, General Dynamics,
Medtronic, Motorola, Raymond James Financial and Rent-A-Center.
Ten years later, in 1994, Wall Street Media Co’s predecessor established one of the very first financial
websites on the Internet and has operated continually since then under the service-marked name, Wall-
Street.com LLC. During this time, it dramatically increased its coverage of microcap companies. Wall
Street Media Co found this area of the marketplace to be grossly under-covered and presented a few
outstanding investment opportunities that could be identified if time, intelligence and resources were
spent to identify the approximately 15% it the microcap stocks that stand an excellent chance of not
only surviving but thriving and becoming successful. We found that quite a few of the microcap
companies that Wall Street Media Co ranked in the top 15% for their outlook went on to become
industry and market leaders, amply rewarding investors willing to assume above-average risk with
exceptional returns. Investors started showing so much attention to Wall Street Media Co’s list of small
companies with exceptional potential that the firm started a sister site at www.MicrocapLeaders.com to
profile these companies.


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(212) 851 3901

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