SEO is Alive

Just like pestle and mortar, search engine optimization and social media are made for one another. While each can be carried out separately, integrating them gives a powerful combination that will no doubt see you through the brand awareness hassles. If you take close consideration of how brands are found on online organic media, you will realize that search and social play the greatest roles. For those who have been in the industry long enough, you understand that this is more than just gracing the first slots of SERPs.

More than ever before, SEO is influencing the marketing trends. If even for a second, you bought into the idea that SEO is dead, you are very wrong. The good news is; you can still see the light and take control. Organic SEO is a comprehensive approach entailing intensive website optimization. This optimization not only makes the site search engine friendly but also user-friendly. Before thinking of how to drive traffic to your site, you must figure out what they will do when they get there.

Every brands wants its consumers to have a great experience when going through their websites. How perfect your website is suited determines whether you will have repeat visitors or greater bounce rates. Even more, customers should have an easy time going through your quality content and even sharing it on various platforms. SEO takes into consideration all these factors, making it nearly impossible to succeed in this kind of marketing when you sideline some aspects.


The Role of Social Media

Over the years, it has been established that visitors from organic search have overwhelming conversion rates. You are more likely to generate sales from your Instagram followers who get to your website through the bio links as compared to those who search for you directly. That is why a well-combined social campaign coupled with SEO efforts is likely to produce tremendous results. When organized strategically, you can create a long-term competitive advantage over your rivals in the industry. Social media provides a perfect platform for sharing new contents. Over time, social media followers establish a strong bond with your engaging content, an extension that stretches further to closer links with your brand. So, how exactly do you achieve this?

Incorporating SEO into Social Media

To make the most out of social media as a support base for SEO, you need to take into account the basic aspects. For one, you must be able to provide your readers with quality and engaging content. Second, you must have a closer look at the Meta data. This has a greater influence on how your content is shared amongst followers for Instagram and other social media users. Most importantly, you need to have metrics in order to analyze and learn from your activities.


Search engine optimization, served alongside social media marketing is a terrific highway for enhancing brand awareness and promoting the growth of a company. You just need to do it right and play by the rules.


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Maria Jones is a social media-marketing expert. She is the professional to approach if you need thousands of Instagram followers overnight. You can reach her via email or be part of her followers for Instagram or Twitter.