For most of us, Biden is effectively the President of the United States of America. He has won 273 seats, whereas 270 are needed to win the office, and Trump is at 214. However, for most of the people like us, who don’t know a lot about the functioning of the government, it might be the final result but there are laws to challenge or even change it.

AN 1880 LAW

Trump’s supporters in Congress are saying that they have one last trick up their sleeve, which they can use to tip the scales in the favor of the President. There is a law from 1880 that gives Congress the following authority:

  • A member of Congress can challenge the election result of any state.
  • The whole Congress then votes on whether or not to render the election results null and void.

However, the congressmen must get the challenge supported and signed by a senator before it can be valid for any further action by the congress.

This law has been used in all Presidential Elections of the last 20 years. It has never been sufficient to change the election results, so much as to affect who wins the office.


This time it is Mo Brooks, who is leading the mission of making the Congress challenge and discard election results to give Trump a second chance. According to the report of a new agency, he has joined forces with as many as 12 other Republicans, and they are going to discuss the matter with the President. Trump is expected to give a positive response, but there is still the need for a Senator to sign the challenge.

The most likely person for this job is expected to be Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville, who will be in the Senate following January 6. Trump said in a press release that he has spoken to Tommy.


It would obviously not be enough to make a difference with just one state. In order to challenge more states, more senators will be needed to sign the challenge. As of now, Tommy or any other Senator-Elect has not officially confirmed to support the challenge. Even if that is accomplished somehow or the other, the Senate can vote to differ from what the congress agrees upon.


There are a lot of legislative hurdles in getting the elections of enough states challenged to influence the end result, but if the Republicans somehow manage to steer past all that, it will still not mean a re-election. Just the electors will be recounted, and any discovered discrepancy in the counting will be reflected in the corrected results.


Trump has a very slim chance of getting to live in the White House for another four years, but theoretically, it can be possible. To remain informed about all the stuff going on around yourself, keep visiting WALL STREET MEDIA COMPANY.