How the Mobile Industry is Complimenting the Hotel Industry

The US hotel industry is looking good, thanks to the input that the mobile industry is giving to it. Today, many people are booking hotels from the privacy of their home by using their mobile phones or tablets. As the hotel industry continues to grow, mobile apps like smartphones and tablets will continue to play an important role in driving up revenues.

Since 2015 and leading into early 2016, the US hotel industry has grown in profit because of the amount of people who are making their bookings by using mobile technology. The hotel industry experienced strong growth in 2015, thus, giving the US market a boost. The North America Distribution Revenue (NADR) reported that the hotel industry made a whopping $36 billion in yearly revenue. Q3 in 2015 yielded a growth year-over-year of 3.1%. When comparing 2014 to 2015, an increase in the tune of 3.4% took place in 2015 in comparison to Q3 of 2014.

Technology has come a long way and is still increasing as time passes by. People nowadays prefer using high technology smartphones and tablets to that of the flip phones that are not so fully developed when both devices are compared. Apart from the web browser that the flip phones possess, they lack the connectivity speed and interface that users seem to love.

To continue reaping the benefits that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets bring to the hotel niche, hoteliers have been taking their money and investing it in a technology known as responsive design, which makes way for a more user-friendly interface that has configuration attached to the mobile device. Consumers are not so interested anymore in using a mouse to click on anything online. Rather, they are more depending on their fingers doing the clicking nowadays. By just a click of the button, consumers can view images, book hotels and shop as well as carry out transactions online unlike the function that a feature phone could not carry out. The mobile phone is also equipped with innovative technology that allows users to not only see pictures but to view videos as well.

The need for mobile uses will continue to drive the hotel industry forward. Although many people expected this growth in the smartphone niche, still, the industry will change the way travelers make their travel reservations hotel bookings in a big way.

Hotel Industry Outlook 2016

The outlook for the hotel industry in 2016 is one of positive. Although 2015 was a trying time for the industry, the beginning of 2016 saw the industry made a turn and started picking up strides, thanks to the help of mobile smartphones and tablets. Groups and short stays bookings have accelerated since the beginning of the year.

As the hotel industry picks up and starts showing good revenue earnings, investors like some hoteliers are wondering if the increase will ever come to a stop and the good times will finally end. For now however, key players in the industry are keeping their fingers crossed while hoping that the industry will continue showing positive signs.