Instagram is a mobile app that allows people to follow you and lets you follow other people to see what they have been up to. It also allows people to like and comment on posts. Depending on the number of likes and posts that you get, you can get quite popular on Instagram.

Being popular on Instagram has its advantages. That is why some people want to be famous on Instagram. For instance, you can use your account to make money. If you want to become famous on Instagram, here are some things that you can do.

1.      Set your account up for success

Come up with a catchy name for your account. This should be a name that is easy to remember. It should also be a reflection of your personality.

You should also have a high-quality profile picture. A lot of people will not want to follow an account with no picture. A poor quality picture will also put people off.

Write an interesting bio which will draw more people to you and make them want to follow you.

Your account should be public and not private. This will allow more people to follow you freely without first having to request you for permission.

Choose a theme for your account. People who are interested in your theme will follow you.It helps if you can get into a niche market and post photos that people cannot easily find anywhere else.This will ensure that the people who follow your posts stick around.

2.      Develop community


Keep your account active by regularly following other people, commenting on their photos and replying to comments on your posts. This will increase chances of you getting a lot of free Instagram likeswhenever you post.


Keeping your followers engaged will help you to build a relationship with them. Also, posting on aregularbasis will help people to remember who you are. If you don’t post often, people will forget you.

3.      Tell an interesting story with your photos

Tell an ongoing story with your photos. Leave your followers wondering what will happen next. This will get them coming back for more and more.

Post photos that your followers like to see. You can get a clue to this by observing which one of your posts gets the most likesand then post more photos like it.

Post quality photos on your feed. Practice how to take good quality pictures since people mainly want to see good photos. Add interesting and relevant captions to these posts.

Avoid posting text images and screenshots since most people don’t find them interesting.


It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build up followers on Instagram, so when you get started, brace yourself for the action and be patient and you will start seeing results. You’ll have a lot more fun with your account if you have a lot of followers than if you have only a few followers.



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