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Google Trending Searches will show you the list of the hottest topics of the day.  At the end of the year, Google also creates a summary of the important things that happen during the entire year.  But today, here are some of the most popular topics in the online world.  From the death of the prominent figures to Xbox Scorpio, let us do a quick recap of today’s hottest events.



Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft has finally revealed the various specifications of their Project Scorpio.  According to their press release, this is the most powerful game console that will be released by the company.  Most of the stories and the videos released are focusing on the technical aspects that provide a comprehensive detail of the GPU, CPU and other technical side of the console.  They also enumerate how this latest venture can radically improve the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.  However, the video released by Microsoft has left numerous questions in the part of the fans.  Most of them are pretty concerned about the price.  Some of them predicted that the price can reach as high as $499 which accidentally is also the launching price of Xbox One.  In addition, the company also did not update the consumers about their future plans on their VR project.   Latest development shows that the partnership of Microsoft with Oculus seems to be growing fainter.



Donald Jay Rickles Passed Away at the Age of 90


Don Rickles, the legendary abrasive comic whose career has spanned for more than 60 years has passed away last Thursday at the age of 90.  This unfortunate event has been officially confirmed by his publicist.  During his entire career, he focused on appearing in nightclub performances though there are also instances when he appeared on movie and television.  He also served as the voice behind the character of Mr. Potato in the popular animated film Toy Story.  He became a headliner in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Vegas and he was often seen in the company of Rat Pack.  As a matter of fact, he was considered as an honorary member of Sinatra’s group.  Donald Jay Rickles died due to kidney failure in his Los Angeles home.

Software-defined data centers

This topic was even more vague than SDN, as an actual definition,  but the focus was on using SDN along with existing hypervisors and other technologies to further the evolutions of  traditional data centers into private cloud architectures.Along with software-defined networking, a host of other “software-defined” terms were mentioned, including software-defined data centers (SDDC).


John Glenn:  Laid to Rest


John Glenn is the first ever American that successfully orbit the earth.  In just a matter of 5 hours, Mr. Glenn became a hero of an entire generation.  He became their symbol of undying hope, and he also lifted the morale and restored the faith of the Americans during the time that they thought that they are being surpassed by the Soviet Union when it comes to space exploration.  Last December 8, John Glenn died at the age of 95, and last Thursday, he was finally laid to rest.  The date of the funeral service coincides to their 74th wedding anniversary.  John Glenn is not just an astronaut to most Americans.  He became the icon of the unwavering spirit of the nation.



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