The top IPOs are all on the Internet


After a gloomy year for IPO, most investors are quire eager to know the highly valued IPO that is hitting the market this year.  However, with certain uncertainties affecting the industry such as the current changes that is happening in the political system and the considerable number of companies that fear the smaller valuation at the stock market, the influx that we are anticipating in the market can be gradual.  But experts believe that this year will perform a lot better compared to the previous years.  This is because of the litany of companies that is anticipated to go public.  Here are some of them.



Snap is known as the company behind the messaging platform, Snapchat.  It is one of the big businesses that are slated to go public this year.  The value of the said company is estimated at about $20-$25 billion, and it is projected to land on the public market on the first quarter of 2017.    It is one of the highly anticipated IPO due to the fact that it has the possibility to shatter the logjam related with filing.  A large number of Snapchat users belong to the teenage brackets, but more and more business owners are starting to see the potential of this platform to connect with their audience.



Over the past few years, you have probably tried the cloud storage solution that is being offered by Dropbox.  This company was established last 2007 and has an approximate value of $10 billion.  The valuation has been greatly decreased since analysts believe that the platform’s profitability is quite low.  But with the latest numbers released by MIT Technology, sales have immensely increased after the company introduced their paid platform.



The music streaming platform is also ready to conquer the public market.  With about 100 million active users and about 40 million of them are paid users, anticipation with the company is truly building.  However, there are some analysts who are a bit skeptical about its valuation of $8 billion.



It was in October of last year when the photo sharing platform raided Todd Morgenfeld to be the first Chief Finance Officer of Pinterest.   The $11 billion valuation of Pinterest makes it ripe to enter the public market.  Profitability of the company is also elevated due to its ability to catch the interest of wide demographics of customers.  Experts believe that they can have a very strong foundation should they decided to enter the public market.



With an estimated valuation of about $70 billion, it is with no doubt that Uber is one of the highly anticipated IPO this 2017.  Previously, the CEO of the company has announced that they are pushing the idea of UBER IPO indefinitely, but with the recent changes happening on the company, it is more likely that we will be able to see them in the public market this year.  Though it was a bleak performance last year, experts believe that they only need to get in control of their losses and expenses to get back in track.


The list of the highly anticipated IPO this year is enough to get our investors excited for the public market.