The Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB)

Green PokaDot Box was founded in 2008 and is based in Mount Pleasant, Utah.  It operates an “online” membership club that offers natural and organic foods to consumers in the United States. It sells fresh and packaged foods, and other products to health-conscious customers through its Web site,  The company’s digital or online model generates its momentum in two ways: (i) consumer behavior has been rapidly changing to ordering all goods online; and (ii) the growing proliferation of and demand for organic and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods.

GPDB has developed an operational online ordering and delivery system that now supports 1800 SKUs.   Even though the company lacks the working capital to fully leverage the systems that have already been developed, it has — nonetheless — already developed the infrastructure that will enable it to disrupt the $593 billion U.S. grocery industry.




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Preliminary analysis of GPDB’s model has already revealed that it is both a digital disruptor and a first mover.  The company’s direct-to-consumer online model severely disrupts the entire vendor/grocery store supply chain.  By cutting out the traditional supply chain GPDB is able to provide extremely competitive pricing to consumers.  The elimination of all of the middlemen is extremely disruptive to the industrial economy.

The grocery industry ranks along with the transportation industry as one of the world’s top 10 largest industries.  With the intellectual property and online sales and fulfillment model that GPDB has developed and that is already operational, GPDB is positioned to become the UBER of the U.S. grocery industry.  The 4 minute and 2 second video entitled, “Digital disruptor companies have the potential to get to $10 billion valuations quickly”, below explains the process that digital disruptors (including UBER) must undergo to become successful.  A $10,000 investment into UBER in 2010 was valued for $105 million in 2015.  That GPDB’s digital disruptor model has already been developed and proven is of great value to the company’s shareholders.


Become Healthy Through Good Eating Habits

More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of eating a diet of natural and organic foods. Unfortunately, they may find that the high cost and scarcity of these foods put such a diet somewhere between difficult and impossible. Don’t have an organic food store or farmer’s market in your city? Not a problem. Can’t afford the high price of natural, non-GMO foods? We’ve got you covered. We offer natural and organic, non-GMO foods at wholesale prices, and deliver them directly to your doorstep. We carry hundreds of your favorite brands, and we even offer fresh meat and dairy products*. We offer a lowest price guarantee on all the items in our inventory and free shipping on orders over $150.You can have a look around the store, and see what you think. If you’re pleased with what you find, just start shopping. There is no membership fee. You have access to our fantastic prices and service all year long.

Sharing the big vision

the Green Polkadot Box

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We share a big vision: we want to make organic foods affordable to everyone, not just the wealthy. If you join us, you will help make that vision a reality. With enough of us together, we’ll be able to accomplish some wonderful things:    We’ll be able to do away with the “organic deserts” that exist through rural and urban America where people have no access to “clean” organic foods.    Using a grass roots approach, we’ll educate the public about the links between diet and disease, motivating them to seek out healthier, clean, organic alternatives. We can reverse the ravaging effects of chronic disease that are devastating our aging population and protect our children from the debilitating consequences of processed and genetically modified foods.


What Makes GPDB  Special in so many ways

What makes GPDB very special is its CEO, Rod Smith.   The company is not Mr. Smith’s first foray into building a public company from scratch.  He was the founder and CEO of inContact, Inc., which trades on NASDAQ under the symbol of SAAS.  See SAAS price chart below.  For any company to have such a CEO, especially one who previously had the vision to found a highly successful public company that specializes in all areas of communication and management required for unprescident success in GPDB, is extremely rare.  For this reason it is absurd that GPDB’s shares are trading near a 5-year low of $0.25.

A Word from the President


Our Store is built upon the state-of-the-art Shopping List platform powered by Green PolkaDot Box®, the nation’s #1 online distributor of organic and non-GMO products. Green PolkaDot Box  invites you to join with our effort to abolish contaminated foods. You can count on tGreen PolkaDot to do the homework to make sure that the foods in their shop are of the highest quality, safe, clean, non-GMO and, whenever possible, organic.


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